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Hmmmm...... how about huge teeth bites where you got bit. You meant to say what are the symptoms of poisoning from a king cobra bite.

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2013-03-06 10:13:09
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Q: What are the symptoms of king cobra bite?
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How many people die from a king cobra bite in a year?

Millions of people die from king cobra's bite each day.

Is a king cobra pisonis?

yes, a king cobra is venomous (poison injected through a bite)

Can the king cobra bite without venom?


Is a king cobra harmful?

Yes. A king cobra's bite can easily kill a healthy adult human.

Could a king cobra swallow a human in one bite?

No ,they can not .no king cobras bite you and the venom will kill you .

How do you cure a king cobra bite in the 1850s?

today we use anti-venom but back then that wasn't invented yet so there was not a cure. The mortality rate for an untreated king cobra bite is 75%

If you got close to a king Cobra will it bite you?

yes u jackass

How do you cure a king cobra bite?

Anti-venom must be used.

Can a king cobra kill an elephant?

yes it can, with a single bite from a cobra to an elephant, it is plenty to kill a full grown male elephant.A King Cobra bite can kill a full-grown elephant in a few hours or 15 people in about 15 minutes

How many people king cobras bite in a year?

The king cobra may bite as many as 200 or more people in a single year.

What cures the king cobra bite?

The only treatment is the prompt administration of antivenin.

Why the black mamba is has more powerful venom than the king cobra?

The King Cobras size alllows it to inject bigger quantities of venom, a Black Mambas venom may be more powerful but the King Cobra can kill up to five times faster than the Black Mamba. So because of its size and the amount of venom the King Cobra injects in a single bite the King Cobra doesn't need powerful venom. Single bite from a King Cobra can inject 6-7 ml of venom, single bite from a Black Mamba injects about 100-120 mg of venom.

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