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Symptoms of pregnancy on NuvaRing are absent periods and positive pregnancy test.

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Q: What are the symptoms of pregnancy if you're on NuvaRing?
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Can you have symptoms of pregnancy while on NuvaRing?

Birth control medication does cause pregnancy symptoms. But yes you can have pregnancy symptoms and be pregnant.

Can NuvaRing cause pregnancy symptoms?

In the first three months of use, NuvaRing may cause breast tenderness and nausea, which can remind some women of pregnancy symptoms. In addition, the NuvaRing can sometimes cause a missed period. If you think you may be pregnant, take a pregnancy test. If you're having side effects, contact your health care provider to discuss options.

Does NuvaRing make you fertile?

NuvaRing is meant to prevent pregnancy, not cause pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy after tubes are clamped?

what are the symptoms of pregnacy when youre tubes are clamped..will it show on a pregnacy test

What are warning signs of a miscarriage on the nuvaring?

Pregnancy on NuvaRing is unusual. If you're miscarrying on NuvaRing, you'll have a positive pregnancy test and bleeding.

Do you have to remove the NuvaRing to take a pregnancy test?

No. NuvaRing does not affect the accuracy of a pregnancy test. That is true whether or not the ring is in place. The pregnancy test looks for a hormone that is not found in NuvaRing.

How many years can you be on NuvaRing?

You can be on NuvaRing as long as you want to prevent pregnancy. There is no time limit for the use of NuvaRing.

Can stopping NuvaRing cause pregnancy symptoms?

Stopping NuvaRing can cause cramping, spotting, and breast tenderness. If you're not using birth control, you also could be pregnant, so take a test to be sure.

What if you don't get your period after removing NuvaRing?

Sometimes you can miss a period when using hormonal contraception. If you haven't made any mistakes using NuvaRing in the past month, there's no need for concern. If it happens again next month, take a pregnancy test contact your health care provider. If you did make a mistake in your NuvaRing use this month, or if you're having symptoms of pregnancy, take a pregnancy test. Insert the next NuvaRing on schedule regardless of whether you had bleeding after removing NuvaRing or not. Keeping on the schedule without regard to bleeding is important for NuvaRing's effectiveness.

What are the Signs of being pregnant with nuvaring?

The signs of pregnancy on NuvaRing are positive pregnancy test and missed periods. Take a pregnancy test if you think you might be pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you change nuvaring early?

Replacing NuvaRing early does not increase the risk of pregnancy

Should you remove NuvaRing if you think you might be pregnant?

NuvaRing will not harm or end an existing pregnancy, but it is of no use to a pregnancy woman. Take a pregnancy test to find out for sure.

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