Smoking and Tobacco Use

What are the symptoms of quitting smoking?

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Is quitting smoking cold turkey safe?

Quitting smoking cold turkey is safe. However, you may experience symptoms such as irritability, depression and insomnia without the use of medications.

What're are withdrawl symptoms for quitting smoking?

You get stressed easy,very irritable,insomnia cravings

Can quitting smoking bring on allergies?

if quitting smoking makes you stressful, then yes it can.

The withdrawal symptoms of quiting smoking?

The withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking are generally headaches, cravings, irritability and disturbed sleep. But these depend on how long you have been smoking for and how many cigarettes you smoke per day. It is possible that you don't suffer from any of these withdrawals symptoms either.

Can quitting smoking cause a missed period?

No, quitting smoking can not cause a missed period.

What are the Side effects of quitting smoking?

The side effects of quitting smoking are generally caused by the diminishment of nicotine in the body. They can include headaches, nausea, irritability, weight gain and tiredness, but all symptoms should improve the longer one abstains from nicotine.

Does smoking have affect on lung capacity?

Smoking can damage your lungs and make breathing difficult. The longer you smoke and the more you smoke, the more damage you do. Quitting can be hard, but there is help available. Not quitting can cause chronic symptoms and lifethreatening conditions. So this is what it should be.

Are legal smoking blends really helpful in quitting smoking?

Legal smoking blends may or may not be helpful for quitting smoking. The effect that they have depends greatly on the person and their readiness to quit.

Is quitting smoking bad for you?

Absolutely not. Continuing your habit is bad for you, quitting is good for you.

What is the typical length of time one can expect nicotine withdrawal after quitting smoking?

The typical length of time someone experiences nicotine withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking is between one week and a month. Occasionally, they may be experienced longer, in which case you should consult your doctor.

Can quitting smoking make you tired?

yes because smoking is a stimulant

Is ringing in the ears a symptom of quitting smoking?


Can you get a blood clot after quitting smoking?

Quitting smoking will not cause you to suffer a blood clot. You can, of course, still have a blood clot, but it will not happen as a result of your failure to smoke.

Cravings after quitting smoking?

You have cravings after you quit smoking because the niccotine in cigarettes is addicting.

That most people who start smoking think that they will someday have a difficult time quitting?

yes it will be hard quitting

How soon can you exercise after quitting smoking?

As soon as you want

Where can information on the benefits of quitting smoking be found?

While you can find a lot of benefits of quitting smoking on-line and in leaflets, the best advice and information is obtained from professional Doctors.

What does cessation mean?

It is a noun that means the quitting, ending or ceasing of something. It is used frequently in regards to quitting smoking.

What are your odds of quitting smoking?

its not about odds its about will power. and for an aid there are patches

Will quitting cigarettes harm your health?

No definitely not every day that you smoke your health is being harmed By stopping the habit of smoking you will improve your health and your ability to do many things that smoking makes you unfit for. QUITTING SMOKING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH.

Where can a person go to get tips on quitting smoking?

There are a number of websites one can visit to get tips on quitting smoking. One can find such information on 'Web MD', 'zenhabits' and from the NHS website in the UK.

Does quitting smoking affect teeth?

Stopping smoking leads to healthier gums, which prolongs the life of your teeth.

How can aromatherapy aid in smoking withdrawal.?

One study demonstrated that inhaling the vapor from black pepper extract can reduce symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. Other essential oils can be used for relieving the anxiety a smoker often experiences while quitting.

How is aromatherapy used to treat smoking?

One study demonstrated that inhaling the vapor from black pepper extract can reduce symptoms associated with smoking withdrawal. Other essential oils can be used for relieving the anxiety a smoker often experiences while quitting.

What are some of your hard times quitting smoking?

When I thought of quitting smoking, I was crying. Then I smoked more sticks than usual. My will power worked and I quit smoking. I was happy that day. Then next day, I smoked again. Same thing happened for so many years. One day quitting, another day smoking. Two days quitting, smoking more sticks in following two days. Then after 50 years of smoking, I have not smoked for 5 years now. But I don't know whether I have totally quit smoking. I may smoke any time again. I remember the joke, "To quit smoking is very easy, I have done it many times."