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Delerium, Death, loss of motor or neurological function such as speech !!

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Q: What are the symptoms that a severe abcessed tooth has gone to the brain?
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Can an abscessed tooth cause brain or heart problems?

Yes, abcessed tooth cause heart problem.

Can keflex be used to treat abcessed tooth?

can Keflex be used for abcessed tooth

What are the side effects of abscessed teeth?

An abcessed tooth can lead to an infection of the soft tissues in the face. If not treated it can spread to the brain causing brain damage or death.

Can an abcessed tooth cause pleurisy?


Is cipro a good antibiotic for an abcessed tooth?


Can you take bactrim and ibuprofen together for an abcessed tooth?


Can abcessed tooth cause dizziness?

Yes, it can even kill you.

Will an abcessed tooth heal itself?

No, you need anti-Biotics. Antibiotics may treat the symptoms but the only cure would be a root canal or extraction. Certainly if a functional tooth the root canal is the way to go.

Is amoxicillin good for tooth abscess?

Yes, amoxicillin is good for abcessed teeth. It is one of the best antibiotics for abcessed teeth actually! I know because i have always had majoe teeth problems and have tried an been prescribed numerous medications for abcessed teeth and its always worked the best for me!

Can you have an abcessed tooth without a cavity?

You can have an abscess in the tissue around the tooth, yes, but there's usually a cause for the infection and cavities are a good source of bacteria for an infection.

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

There are many symptoms associated with tooth decay. These symptoms include sensitivity, cavities, and in some cases degrees of tooth pain.

What are symptoms of tooth infection?

There are quite a few symptoms of tooth infection such as fever. Other symptoms of tooth infection include smelly drainage and pain.

What happens if you decide not to get the teeth pulled that the dentist suggested you get pulled?

Worst case an abcessed tooth... which is horrifyingly painful.

Can ceftin be used to treat an abcessed tooth?

Cleftin is a prescription drug that treats infections caused by bacteria. Since an abscessed tooth is infected, the Cleftin should be helpful in treating it.

What are two dry mouth symptoms?

Dry mouth is a common (and sometimes severe) problem. It is when the mouth fails to provide enough saliva. Two symptoms include tooth decay, and lack of saliva.

What should you do for a severe tooth pain?

A severe tooth pain can be relieved by using clove oil or baking soda.

What are symptoms of a bad timing chain?

Noise coming from the area of the chain and in severe cases it will jump a tooth and the engine will run very badly with no power.

If you have pain from the top of your head to your eye ear jaw teeth and throat could this be a abscessed tooth or 5th nerve disease?

You should not wait to make an apt. with your doctor. The doctor is the person that will provide you with the diagnosis and treatment you need. A relative had these symptoms so bad that he went to the emergency room. It turned out to be both an abcessed tooth and a resulting trigeminus nerve pain. The tooth had to be extracted.

Can a abscess make you sick?

Yes it can! A family member of mine had an abcessed tooth and got very sick because it is poison coming from the tooth. It goes into your body. If you do not get the tooth removed soon you will run into health problems that may end up fatal.

How can I reduce swelling caused by an abcessed tooth?

Ice, but you should see dentist so they can prescribe antibiotics. Infection like that can kill someone.

Can an infected tooth infect your brain?

An abscess on a molar tooth can burst into the brain though rarely.

What are all the symptoms of an abcessed tooth?

The most obvious symptom is swollen gums or jaw; you may appear as if you have a big lump of something in your cheek. You also will probably have a bad toothache but not always. (I personally had a toothache for several days, then woke up one day with the toothache gone but with a swollen jaw; I had to go on antibiotics to treat the infection, and eventually had the tooth extracted.)

If in the upper right side of your gum there is round liquidy thing that if you touch it hurts what can this be?

Sounds like an abcessed tooth. You should go to a dentist and have it checked.

Help you have white stuff under your wobbly tooth and it kills?

Your gums bright red too? It's probably abcessed. See a dentist immediately!

Can an abcessed tooth hurt on the top and bottom of your gums?

I am a recent vetern of an abcessed tooth, and does. the abcess is an infection deep inside the root, that has reached it's way to the surface, causing severe pain, and swelling. It can also cause fevers, and loss of appitite(fear of the pain). If not drained, either on it's own(not recommended at all), or by a doctor/dentist, the infection can spread at a moderate rate causing need for hospital addmitance. Be carefull! spreading infection could lead to very bad could threaten your life. Get to a doctor a.s.a.p. It could get real serious!