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What are the symtems of a bad fuel injector on a 1992 buick park ave?


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hard to start misfires idles rough or not at all lack of power or acceleration poor fuel economy


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A 1992 Buick does not have an inertia or fuel cut off switch.

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the fuel pressure regulator should be right on the fuel injector rail

on the fire wall under relay center this is the fuel pump fuse injector fuse is in the fuse block injector a if any at all what is the problem any whay.

Only one serviceable fuel filter but, there is also a filter at the pickup in the fuel tank and each injector has a filter.

you open all the injector lines at the injectors . Then pump the fuel pump primer on the fuel pump . fuel will flow out one or more of the injector line , close the injector line and roll the engine over until the next injector start to flow fuel and so on , why are you having problems

Doesn't a 94 Buick have Throttle Body Injection? Try running injector cleaner through the fuel system first. As always, follow the manufacturers recomendations.

Clean fuel injectors help to keep a car running well. A person can clean the fuel injectors on a 2001 Buick Century by adding fuel injector cleaner to their gas tank when its empty and about to be filled with gas.

The 1.9 liter ( and 1.8 ) four cylinder engine on a 1992 Ford Escort has ( 4 fuel injectors )

on the drivers side of the engine ,on the end of the fuel injector rail.gmjim

It's behind the fuel tank near the bumper.

Only one serviceable fuel filter but, there is also a filter at the pickup in the fuel tank and each injector has a filter.

What Model of Buick? Anyway, most are in the fuel line that runs along the drivers side frame rail. But, they is also a "sock" filter in the gas tank attached to the fuel pump and also little filters in the fuel injector inlets. TommyTrouble

could need a tune up or you could have a bad fuel injector

The fuel injector provides the fuel. The spark plug provides the fire.

The fuel pump module is located in the gas tank. It is accessed through the trunk. Under the carpet.

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