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There is no such animal as a short term capital gain or loss... When you hold the stock for a year or more it is treated as capital and the tax rate on your realized gains is (currently) 15%. If you sell out and had held for less than a year, your gain or loss is netted together with other ordinary income such as the pay you get from a regular job, and is subject to the same tax rates as for your regular paycheck.

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What is the net income for a company with Cash 55000 Accounts receivable 70000 supplies 3000 accounts payable 4000 owners capital 114000 revenues 200000 and expenses 190000?

Net Income = Revenues - Expenses Net income = 200000 - 190000 Net income = 10000

What is the journal entry if i received 10000 as a interest income and 10 percent percent advance income tax paid?

debit cash 9000debit tax 1000credit interest income 10000

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What is the average income of a charted accountant?

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What is the monthly income of a chartered accountant in India?

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You took 10000 from an IRA Can you use income averaging?

No. Income averaging was removed from the Tax Code in 1986, except for farmers.

What is the income for clinical psychology with a high school degree?

It's usually very low, around 2000-10000 income

If you make 10000 dollars a year do you have to file income taxes?

Yes and you could have a federal income tax liability when you complete your income tax return correctly.

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10000 nuevo sols is equal to how much in the US?

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What is the journal entry for started business with cash rs 4000 and furniture rs 10000?

Debit cash 4000debit furniture 10000Credit capital 14000

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You can get a legit loan at Mr Habert Robin private loan company via Email address:

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Journalize A 10000 deposit from XYZ for 2000 unit of product XYZ has 20 days to purchase the good for the fair market value of the goods on the date of purchase otherwise the deposit will be refund?

[Debit] Cash / bank 10000 Credit Customer deposit 10000

Is interest on savings account taxable in india?

Yes. The interest is considered an Income and has to be included in your net annual income while you file your income tax returns. If your interest is more than Rs. 10000 in a year, the bank themselves can deduct TDS and remit it to the Income Tax Department.

A company earned 2000 in net income for October and its net sale for October were 10000 so what is its profit margin?