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What are the templates on a computer?

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Are you talking about templates in a computer or templates in a computer program? A template in Word, for example, is nothing more than a basic form. So if you open a business letter template, it will ask you for some information to fill in and then you type your letter in the body. It is already setup in the proper format for a business letter. A template for an invoice will have all the columns, headings etc. you need for a basic invoice. Please let me know if this answers your question.

2004-09-19 14:51:16
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Do you have any simple website templates?

Microsoft Office website templates are available on Microsoft Office. If your computer does not have the current Microsoft Office program you can download it at

Where can you find computer business card?

VistaPrint is a leading supplier of computer business cards. You can also make your own computer business cards on the computer with templates and card stock.

Where can one locate free website templates for Microsoft Office?

Free templates for Microsoft Office computer software can be located and directly downloaded from the official Microsoft Office website. Templates are available for Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, and Visio.

How do you make a cat out of fabric?

Cat pillows are a very cute thing--there are some templates/cut outs that you can find on the computer. Many of the templates have instructions to follow so that your cat pillow can turn out.

Which Microsoft Office program is best in order to find templates for sample cover letters?

Microsoft Office templates are available as a free download for Microsoft Word users. To access these on your computer open Microsoft Word then click file then new template the click Templates on Office online.

Are there any design templates for websites that allow customers to make reservations and pay deposits.?

There is a called has many templates including one for hotel reservations etc. You just have to Download it on your computer though.

How are most of the resume templates found online produced?

The resume templates found online are produced by experts in the field of resume building. Computer programs are then written with step-by-step instructions and if-then algorithms that drive the program.

How many templates are there on Microsoft Word 2010 to make photo invitations?

Microsoft does not list the specific number of templates available for Word 2010. Part of this reasons is due to the fact that templates are routinely updated, with some added or removed. For instance, when a person is unstalling Windows updates on their computer, some of these updates may include Word 2010 updates. When the computer connected to the internet, the template folder searches the Microsoft Word database for updates. Currently, there are dozens of templates available using Micorsoft Word.

What is used to define registry based policy settings in the user configuration and computer configuration nodes?

Administrative Templates

Where can you download Mac templates?

Mac Powerpoint Templates it different Microsoft PowerPoint templates it's design very impressive to another PowerPoint templates. is a best resources for getting Mac Powerpoint Templates

What are templates used for templates?

web designing and publishing

what power point has templates in the?


What are installed templates?

Templates installed with Microsoft Word

Where can one find reviews for calendar templates?

One can find reviews for calendar templates on websites with Calendar templates and reviewers or users who rate these templates based on how they like them.

Can you restrict the use of floppy or CD-ROM drive?

Yes. Check out these two policy settings: User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Explorer | Hide these specified drives in My Computer And User Configuration | Administrative Templates | Windows Components | Windows Explorer | Prevent access to drives from My Computer

What websites do you recommend for css website templates?

The absolute best website for CSS templates is located at There is a very large variety of templates available here.

Why are templates used in industry?

Templates are used to aid production.

What has the author David Vandevoorde written?

David Vandevoorde has written: 'C [plus plus] templates' -- subject(s): C 'C++ templates' -- subject(s): C++ (Computer program language), Microsoft Visual C++, Standard template library

What are the templates usually required by graphic designers?

There are many types and categories of graphic design templates. Graphic design templates are one of the most popular assets for graphic designers as well as non-graphic designers. Template designs provides easy way to create amazing designs on different types of graphics. These are available on many online platforms and for many different types. One of such online graphic design platform is Designhill that provide a wide range of online graphic design templates. Below are different types of templates that are provided by Designhill:. Flyer templates ( designhill(dot)com/templates/flyer ) Poster templates ( designhill(dot)com/templates/poster ) Business card Templates ( designhill(dot)com/templates/business-card ) Presentation Templates ( designhill(dot)com/templates/presentation ) & more

What is the meaning of installed templates in ms PowerPoint 2007?

There are various templates installed in MS Power point. There are 9 predefined templates in it.

What is the advantages of computer application in business?

Computer applications make it easier for employees to carry out the functions of their jobs. With software, the business can input data quicker instead of creating templates each time.

Where are measurement worksheets?

There are many templates for measurement worksheets online. Also, if you have a Mac computer, when using the Pages application there is a worksheet template that is available.

Where can one find website design templates?

There are several websites where an individual can find website design templates. Examples would include Template Monster, Build Your Site, Templates Box, and Free Website Templates.

Are there any good leaf templates for websites?

There are many good leaf templates that can be used for websites, including some free templates online. Template World offers some great templates that are easy to use.

Are there any free website templates I can use?

Yes, there are a couple of websites that offer a very large variety of templates for web design. Most of these are dedicated to templates for businesses but templates for personal sites are available as well.