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What are the terms of an equation?

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May 17, 2012 11:32AM

For an expression/equation such as this example, -12x^4-8x^2-7,

the terms would be as follows:

Term 1: -12x^4

Term 2: -8x^2

Term 3: -7

This particular equation has 3 terms, 3 coefficients, but only 1

leading coefficient. These are as follows also:

Coefficient 1: -12

Coefficient 2: -8

Coefficient 3: -7

And the last one:

Leading Coefficient: -12

Generally the answers are written in descending order according

to their exponential power above the variable, which in this case

is "x". This means the greater the power of "x", the sooner it will

be written down. X^4 is first, x^2 is next, and x^0 is last.

Note: x^0 always equals 1.

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