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In Europe they use your hip measurement... as in 34, 36, 38

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Can you make womens jeans?

You can make jeans if you know how.

What is a 28 waist in mens jeans in womens jeans?

Size 4.

What would womens size 14 jeans be in mens jeans?


What is a 30 waist in mens jeans in womens jeans?

Jr.size 7 or 9. It seems to change with the maker. Womens size 8.

What size is a 34 mens jeans in womens jeans approx?


What would womens size 16 jeans be in mens jeans?

about a 38 waist

If wear a 32 waist in womens jeans what size jeans would you wear?

a 14

Where can you get navy skinny jeans?

you can have one here

Does Justin Bieber wear womens clothing?

In a magazine, he did once say he wore womens jeans.

Where can i get navy blue skinny jeans?

you can have one here

What is a trendy brand of womens jeans?

Juicy and True religion are the best trend setters for jeans.

What is the waist inches in womens jeans size 18?


What size is a 9 in jeans at Forever 21?

a womens 6

What fabric is the strongest in womens jeans?

A heavy denium is the best.

If you are a size 13 in womens jeans what would be your size be in European jeans?

A size 13 in women's jeans in the U.S. would be equal to a 44 in European jeans. Most countries use their own system for sizing clothes and jeans.

Who makes womens carpenter style jeans?

Women's carpenter style jeans are made by Carhartt, Dickies, Levi's, and Mainstreet Blues.

You wear size 14 jeans what size would you wear in mens jeans?

About 34w30l in mens size.. but the womens jeans are usually more comfortable so I'd stick with them

Which brand of womens jeans will give me the best quality for my money?

The regular GAP jeans work surprisingly well, and have an excellent build quality.

What size is a womens size 30 waist?

Size 9 in jeans and a Medium and pants.

What type of womens jeans is the most comfortable?

The Wrangler and Not My DaughtersJeans is known for great comfort.

Where can you buy cheap womens skinny jeans?

Primark and they good quality mine were £8.

Are all womens jeans made of cotton?

Some are made of poly,cotton or ryon

Are there sizes smaller than 0 in womens jeans?

Not locally but they can be custom made,but not to purchase

If you wear a size 1 in womens jeans what would be your waist size?

a 24 or 25

Do womens jeans have a button on the left or right?

from the perspective of the woman who's wearing them- typically on the left

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