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What are the the mental injures from being bullyed?


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January 16, 2008 4:20PM

There are many mental injuries from being bullied. You can look up mobbing and gangstalking and it will explain a lot about it. Our family and friends are victims of being bullied by police, firemen, politicians, people in City Hall, nurses, doctors, clerks, etc. It is very mentally disturbing and causes much distress and in some cases, makes the victim want to do something to get back at the perpetrator or to the public in general because they are not listened to or believed and no one will do anything to help them so they take it out on everyone else. So this really expands to include a lot of people. Some say the fires in San Diego and elsewhere were set by people who are victims of mobbing and gangstalking and are tired of being abused by police and firemen so they went and set fires. One man who was acting suspiciously and they thought he was starting fires was shot dead by police so he can't tell why he did it. Other crimes where maybe they go along and break all the windows in cars, it could either be the gangstalkers themselves doing it or the victims taking their frustration out on the general public because no one will help them. I think this should be covered in the news and brought to the attention of the public so word gets out and more people are aware of it and when a victim tries telling someone about what is going on, it would help if people would listen and believe them and help them. Psychiatrists and psychologists should read up on mobbing and gangstalking and try to do something to help their patients who are victims instead of just not believing it is happening. There is something called brighting, where they shine bright lights on you and flash them at you, etc, following behind your car just a few feet behind while they do this to inflict mental harm on their victim. There are a lot of tactics the gangstalkers use to harass their victims. One site is where it tells that the cops and firemen are in on it.