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One Tree Hill is so awesome. It is about Lucas,Brooke,Peyton,Nathan,Haley,Mouth,Rachel,Skills,Bevin,Karen,Dan and so on.My favorite couple is Nathan and Haley also known as Naley. Lucas,Peyton and Brooke are stuck in this love triangle cause Lucas cant really make up his mind as to who he wants to be with.As for Rachel she tries to steal every bodies boyfriends. Dan is a horrible person who is the mayor of Tree Hill. Nathan and Haley have a baby boy named Jamie and later a baby girl. Bevin and Skills are a couple too as for now. One Tree Hill is awesome.

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The Tiger in the Tunnel is written by Ruskin Bond. Tembu is the son of Baldeo, who is one of the main characters in the story.

There are many possible themes the reader could acquire from the story "The Tiger in the Tunnel". Ruskin Bond wanted to reach out to readers and demonstrate to them that no matter how strong someone has become, they too must also die while everything around them keeps progressing the same.

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Your teacher does not want to know what some anonymous person on the internet thinks -- this is an opinion question so there is no right or wrong answer so long as you are honest.

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As a ninth grader, my teacher says that the story has multiple themes. You may state any theme as long as you can develope it in the story.

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