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What are the things that can be determined using the periodic table?


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March 16, 2009 9:22PM

Here are some things you can determine about an element using the periodic table. Not all periodic tables have the same information though.

Look at the Web Links to the left for some links to very good periodic tables that have lots of useful information! Also the Related Questions to the left have lots more information about the periodic table and what it can tell you about the elements.

Almost all periodic tables tell you the following information

-- the element's name

-- the symbol for an element's name

-- the number of protons in the nucleus of the element, which is the same as the atomic number of the element

-- the number of electrons in the element, which is also the same as the number of protons for a neutral element.

-- the name of the group (vertical column) the element is found in

Some periodic tables tell you:

-- the atomic weight of the element

-- the electron configuration of the element

-- the common oxidation states of the element

-- the electronegativity of the element

-- the melting point of the element

-- the boiling point of the element

-- the the element is a metal, non-metal or semi-metal

-- if the element is a gas, solid, or liquid at room temperature

-- if the element is synthetically prepared or naturally occurring

-- the density of the element

-- the crystal structure of the element

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