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Chromatin or chromatin threads are the threadlike structures that are found in the nucleus. They contain DNA which is a genetic material.

The nucleus of a cell contains threadlike structures that contain genetic material called chromosomes.

DNA is threadlike, but it's packaged into chromatin when the cell is operating normally and chromosomes when the cell is dividing.

In the inter-phase nucleus of the cell is located a threadlike genetic material called chromatin.

DNA chromatin genetic material nucleic material

The strands of genetic materials floating in the nucleus are chromosomes, which are threadlike structures in the nucleus. They form the DNA, which are codex components of each human being.

Yes, Bacteria does contain Genetic Material

Viruses do not contain genetic material, just a nucleus.

Chromosomes are threadlike structures that carry the genetic information or DNA. Chromosomes are in the nucleus of a cell with the genes.

The dark staining structures that carry genetic material are called nuclei. The nucleus contains all the genetic material called DNA.

yes both the mitochondria and choloroplasts contain genetic material

Chromosomes contain genetic material for reproduction.

No, genetic material (DNA) is contained in the nucleus.

Both animal and plant cells contain genetic material, DNA.

the two cell organelles which contain their own genetic material are nucleus and mitochondria

Yes. The genetic material is contained in chromosomes which are within the nucleus of the cell.

daughter cells have the same genetic material as their?

Both egg and sperm contain genetic material.

The chromosomes contain the DNA, so yes, they are considered genetic material.

a prokaryotic cells contain genetic material

Your chromosomes contain your genetic material.

a capsid and genetic material

All diploid cells in the human body contain the same genetic material. They usually contain the same genes and genetic information after cell division.

It contains the genetic material of the cell.

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