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the new stone age is Neolithic, the middle stone age is Mesolithic, and the old stone age is called Paleolithic.


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The three ages of the three age system as developed by C J Thomsen are The Stone Age, The Bronze Age and The Iron Age.

Stone was widely used during the stone age hence its name. Bone tools were used during the stone age. It is the first in system of three ages; the stone age, the bronze age and the iron age.

Stone age, bronze age, iron age are the accepted first three ages.

What is common between the 3 apart from the fact that they are division of of a stone age ? History

The Middle Stone Age is also called the Middle Paleolithic or Mesolithic Ages. There are two different systems of naming. One has Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages, with the Middle Stone Age being equivalent of the Middle Paleolithic Age. The other divides the Stone Age into the Old Stone Age, or Paleolithic, the Middle Stone Age or Mesolithic, and the New Stone age or Neolithic.

The Stone Age and the Bronze Age.

no they did not have farming in the stone ages because there was too much ice and glaciers

Paleolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic (paleo = old) (meso = middle) (neo = new)

iron age stone age bronze age ice age

the period between the Stone and the Iron Age is the Bronze Age.

in the stone age women were treated like crap just like the middle ages.

The Stone Age The Bronze Age The Iron Age The Space Age The Information Age

I believe it was an ice age. Several ice ages are spread between the times.

The Danish archaeologist Christian Thomsen (1788-1865) introduced the concept of the three age systems based on the ages of tools, weapons, and other artifacts found at archaeological sites.

The transportation in the stone ages was walking. Dose that answer your question?

There's actually three parts to the Stone Age. There's the Old Stone Age, the Middle Stone Age, and the New Stone Age. To learn more about them you can Google them, there actually pretty interesting!

It was made during the stone ages.

There were none. The Stone Age ended around the time that Judaism began. (Judaism began in the Bronze Age).

Prehistory, ancient times, middle ages, modern times Stone Age, Bronze Age, Iron Age, Middle Ages, Renaissance, Industrial Age, Space Age, Information Age.

The stone age is broken into the Mesolithic, Paleolithic and Neolithic eras.

There was no farming in the Old Stone Age. Farming began in the Neolithic Era (New Stone Age). That is what pretty much separates the Old and New stone ages from each other. The nomads became farmers allowing them to settle in a single place.

A page usually started at 7 and became a squire at 14, but these ages were not set in stone.

No way, if you are that age you still have three more years to go as the ages, 10-12 are pre-teen ages.

The Paleolithic Stone Age (old) was when people were nomadic because they hadn't discovered farming yet. The discovery of agriculture was the difference between the two stone ages.

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