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What are the three areas of science that use physical science?

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Mechanics, Aerodynamics and Hydrodynamics.

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What are three things that you do in every day that use your experience with physical science?

move, eating, and work

What branch of science does a lawyer use?


How do chemicals relate to physical science?

Chemicals can relate to physical science because we use different gases that need chemicals in them

What is the use of mathematics in physical science?

Physical chemistry is used a lot in this case

What careers use physical science and why?

Physicists use physical science because they need it to figure out what takes place in an atom, and what is in an atom, and what is in an atom, and anything else they might need.

How does a doctor use science in their daily lives?

They have to use physology and other science areas so they now how things work in the body.

What materials does Super Sid the Science Kid use to conduct physical science?

Materials it what he uses

Can you use a cleaning household product in physical science?


How does computer science use science?

Computer science is itself a science. Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Computers are technological devices, so a huge amount of science goes into them, like electronics. Also there is a lot on the use of computers and things can be done with them, which can go into all sorts of areas of science. Computers are based on maths and logic, which are scientific areas too.

What is the importance of physical science in physics?

The importance of physical science in physics varies depending on what you are studying. If you are studying quantum physics, hardly anything taught in physical science will come in to play. If you are studying geophysics, you may use much knowledge gained from a physical science class. You will, however, almost always use the concepts of scientific notation, SI prefixes, and measurements, in physics.

What is the difference between science and technoiogy?

Science is man's study of the physical world. Technology is the ever-changing and evolving tool we use in our understanding of the physical world.

How can you use the word physical weathering in a sentence?

Land near coastal areas can be subject to physical weathering.

Is Botany part of physical science?

Yes it do, botany is the study of plants, it uses physical science to explain how plants use carbon dioxide and water to make food.

How is physical science related to the real world?

Physical science is the real world. You use energy when you walk. You boil water when you cook. You use electricity when you turn on a light switch. Physical science simply takes many things that people do or make and breaks them down into more basic steps. When you learn to read, you do not start with the complete works of Shakespeare, but with, A, B, C. Physical science examines a small part.

How would a architect use science?

physics and engineering(both areas of science) are used for making the blueprints and to know what goes where

Dose police force involve science?

Unsure what the questioner is asking. Police WORK does involve the use of science. the use of FORCE by the police can utilize science in the types of methods available to them to apply that force. The use of physical force by police can involve knowledge of physical anatomy and body mechanics.

How is nuclear energy used in science?

Nuclear energy is used in science in three general areas. We rely on nuclear technology in a number of areas of medicine. We also use nuclear energy to generate power. There are also research applications where nuclear physics is applied to learn and understand more about the subatomic world.

How does fishing relate to physical science?

The use of the technology equipment in the fishing process?

What are events that use physical science principle?

Just about any event you can mention.

Why is chemistry considered a physical science?

Chemistry and physical science belong to physical science because they both have an object.For example in physics, you want to know how a roller coasters stay on track so the riders will not fall.It is physical science because it used an object,aroller coaster.In chemistry you use an object,liquids.You mix acids ,baces ectcetra.

Advantages of economics to other social sciences?

Economics is a social science that studies how people choose to use resources. Understanding how people use resources is helpful in other areas of social science as it can help explain why people do other things in areas of psychology, sociology, and political science.

What areas of science use scientific notation?

All areas. Scientific notation is useful whenever you have very small or very large numbers, and these appear in some aspect of every branch of science.

How do you use the word science in a question?

Why was astrology a valuable precursor to the science of astronomy? What fields of science seek to identify the underlying reasons for observed physical phenomena?

Would a nurse be necessary for science?

Science is the pursuit of knowledge. Areas such as health and biology would come under that, as would other areas of science. Nurses play their part in those things, so they can make contributions to science and also use a lot of science in their work. Many nurses may have studied specific areas of health and done some research work in it, which would help in science.

Is physical therapy a life science or physical science?

Physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques are a multidisciplinary fusion between life and physical sciences. Life science form the medical understanding of anatomy and disease/injury pathologies. Physical sciences use the concepts of force, mass, and mechanical engineering to design methodologies to treat and rehabilitate skeleton-muscular systems.