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Biggest three differences between Auburn and Tennessee football: Tennessee's color of orange is more hideous than Auburn's, Auburn's football program is a bigger joke than Tennessee's, Auburn's coach is short, frail, and big eared while UT's is fat, ugly, and a liar. Biggest similarity between the two schools: Both have fewer wins, SEC championships, national championships, bowl appearances, and bowl victories than the Alabama Crimson Tide, and both have overall losing records guessed it, The Alabama Crimson Tide. It's great to be a Bama fan. Roll Tide Roll!!!

AnswerBiggest three differences between Auburn and Tennessee football: First off, Tennessee has an honest and reputable football program, All Alabama Schools do not. Tennessee has great tradition , great fans and the best stadium in College Football. All Alabama Schools do not. Tennessee actuall makes sense with their mascot, fight song and team name. All Alabama Schools do not. Really, what is " crimson tide " and why is the mascot an elephant? War eagle is at least almost something to be respected. Oh, I almost forgot, Tennessee is not constantly in trouble with the NCAA. ALL ALABAMA SCHOOLS ARE !!! AnswerFirst off, I'd like to say that i like that Bama article because nothing is more true. Second, don't criticize other schools' mascots until you figure out your own. Everything i read or hear tells me you're the Tennessee Volunteers, but when i see a game of yours, i look on the field and see a blue dog. Now, what the hell? AnswerTennessee doesn't have a fight song, they only play rocky top I don't think half the student body knows the fight song. How can you even begin to say Alabama doesn't have tradition, that's what we're known for. And Tennessee recently had like 13 players arrested in 12 months, how's that for an honest, reputable program with no NCAA problems. You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. AnswerThe three biggest differences between Auburn and Tennessee football programs would have to be 1)Auburn doesn't turn colleges in to the NCAA and have them on probation for 3 years, unlike Tennessee. 2) Auburn has had better players and coaches than Tennessee. (i/e, Zeke Smith, Bo Jackson, Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, Carnell "Cadillac" Williams, and coaches, Tommy Tuberville, Pay Dye, Shug Jordan.) 3) Being a Tide fan it's hard for me to admit this last one. If I'm not mistaken, i think Tennessee has more bowl wins/ apperances, SEC Championships/ Apperances, and National Championships/ Apperances. AnswerThe 3 biggest differences between All Alabama schools and Tennessee is (1. Tennessee doesn't violate NCAA rules or pay players to come to their lousy school (2. Like my friend above said, Tennessee has a mascot that actually makes since. How do you get an elephant out of crimson tide? (3. Tennessee also has this one player in the NFL named Peyton Manning. For those of you who don't know he is quickly becoming the best quarterback of his time and maybe in the entire history of the NFL. Also Jason Campbell hasn't even played this year besides the preseason. AnswerThis has to be a joke. You think Auburn has better players than Tennessee? UT-Peyton Manning, Jamal Lewis, Reggie White, Carl Pickens, Al Wilson, Willie Gault- just the tip of the iceberg...... AU- Zeke Smith- who the hell is that?, the only legit player from Auburn is Bo Jackson and perhaps in the future "Cadillac" Williams. I can't believe you were serious about that comment. AnswerFunny, all Alabama/Auburn fans can talk about is football. The reason behind this fact is that they simply don't have an education and therefore don�t possess the faculties needed to carry on an interesting (and factually correct) discussion. They (Alabama/Auburn alumni) vote for Bush, speak baselessly about college football, and are generally void of anything intellectually meaningful. Tennessee does have a better football program on many different levels, but more importantly they also have a world-class educational system. Nowhere in the unfortunate state of Alabama can you get the best of both worlds like you can in the state directly adjacent and to the north. So, carry on with your meaningless and fact-less dribble so all the world can see your passionate display of ignorance and your cavalier approach towards education and athletics.

11 Astronauts, 6 Pulitzer Prize Winners, 2 Nobel laureates (Alabamans don�t even know what a Nobel laureate is), 7 Rhodes scholars, 6 National Titles, etc�

AnswerYea what the hell is that? A blue tick hound makes perfect sense you Alabama idiots. You might know that if you had maybe even half of a brain. Go ahead and talk about the past. Lets talk about the last 10 years. How many times has bama won? Maybe you should check that out. This year, yea ut sucked, but bama obviously talked themselves up way too much considering they beat Tennessee by 3. I agree with my friend above me, ut has more people in the NFL than any other college in the past 10 years. Look that one up. And boo hoo bama, I'm sorry you got caught cheating, but deal with it. There's no way to get around it, so suck it up! I'm not even a ut fan, but it's a fact that Tennessee is an all around better institution than bama and auburn. Including football. - from a penn state fan AnswerI have no idea how Tennessee is a better academic institution than Auburn. Check any national rankings (US News etc) AnswerTo address the academic issue of Alabama/Auburn and Tennessee,

"The University of Alabama's graduates and students include 15 Rhodes Scholars, 26 Goldwater Scholars, 11 Truman Scholars, 13 Hollings Scholars, two Javits Fellows, one Udall Scholar and one Portz Scholar." -These are much greater than what was previously stated about Tennessee.

US News Rankings of the Best Public Colleges Alabama: 37 Auburn: 45 Tennessee: 52 -I realize its not a big difference, but don't honestly tell me Tennessee is better than Alabama. Just because you have some bias that Alabama is "stupider" does not offset clear facts. You do not have to use fancy and useless words like cavalier and dribble. Look I know the word fortnight. Though the numbers favor Alabama in these cases, I am not saying Tennessee is worse. Food for though: UofAlabama has more Academic-All Americans over the last 6 years than anyone in the nation (including Harvard). Here's another fancy word: unscrupulous.


To further address the academic issues between Alabama schools/Tennessee schools...

I graduated from a high school in Alabama, attended the University of Tennessee and now attend a college in the state of Alabama. While all colleges/universities have their strong and weak points, from a student's point of view, Tennessee offers much more challenging classes and the professors are extremely outstanding. As for the Alabama college....not so much! UT is a top research university and the professors are at the top of their field. Not to mention, on a national level, Alabama comes in close to last on the quality of public education. Tennessee does not! It all depends on what you want to major in and how much money you want to pay for it. Just some food for thought.

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Q: What are the three biggest differences between Auburn football and University of Tennessee football?
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