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Kind of a dreamy sound world, that provides an impression of an experience rather than presenting the experience as it is.


Pedal used,

Whole tone scales used

Rich orchestration


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The three characteristics of Impressionist music are: 1. Using chords not built of thirds 2. Irregular chord progression 3. Polychords and/or Polytonality

Impressionist music is very similar to art. It is mostly defined by its use of pedal - almost constant. This enables the listener to take in a piece as a whole, rather like in older music (like Bach) analyse it note by note. Impressionist music is often softer and more relaxing. E.g. Dr. Gradus Ad Parnassum, by Debussy

Claude Debussy composed impressionist music

Claude Debussy composed impressionist music, which was a new style of music with modern ideas. He composed impressionist music at the same time as Maurice Ravel.

Claude Debussy is known for the impressionist music that he composed.

He wrote classical music in the impressionist time era. It could also be considered during the romantic or modern, since the impressionist time era was overlapping the other two. Impressionist music is considered to be very beautiful but also contains modern elements in the style of the compositions.

Impressionist paintings have characteristics that other types of paintings do not have. Some of these characteristics include very small and thin brush strokes, accurate depiction of light, open composition, and unusual visual angles.

Music? Sculpture? Impressionist? POMO?

Yes, Claude Debussy composed impressionist music, which is a form of classical music.

He wrote a type of classical music, impressionist, and started the movement of modern music with his modern music ideas he created.

Claude Debussy wrote romantic music, that was called impressionist music. He was right in the middle of the change from romantic music and modern music

ME,Characteristics of thi music is organic that can use any people

'Impressionist' as in 'Monet was an Impressionist painter' is an adjective.

Any and all! Anything that makes sound can be used in impressionist music, including hubcaps, LP gas tanks, salt shakers, rubber bands, garden hoses and whistles, bells, gongs, cymbals, chimes, etc.

What are three characteristics of CSMA/CD What are three characteristics of CSMA/CD

Claude Debussy composed impressionist music, which brought in musical ideas that were different then classical music before that time.

He was a French musician who incorporated the musical ideas of impressionist art and symbolic poetry.

No, he is definitely not an impressionist.

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Impressionist painters' interest in color is paralleled by the Impressionist composers' interest in timbre.

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The three characteristics of matter is gas, liquid, and solid.

Three characteristics of light are quality ; quantity and intensity.

There are many characteristics of Sergei Rachmaninoff's music. His music was generally instrumental being played on piano and very complicated.

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