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What are the three countries between Brazil and Venezuela?

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Guyana, suriname, and French Guiana.

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Which nations are next to Venezuela on the map?

There are a total of three countries located next to Venezuela. One nation located next to Venezuela is Guyana. The second counrty located next to Venezuela is Brazil. The last counrty located next to Venezuela is Colombia.

What are the main countries in South America?

While every country is important in its own way, the three main countries in South America are: Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina.

How many countries in south America are north of the equator?

Completely north of the equator, there are three countries (Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname), and one territory (French Guiana, part of France).There are three other countries that cross the equator: Ecuador, Colombia, and Brazil.

Three countries that lie between the equator and the tropic of cancer?

Brazil, gabon,kenya

Name three countries in South America?

The countries in South America are:ArgentinaBoliviaBrazilChileColombiaEcuadorFrench GuianaGuyanaParaguayPeruSurinameUruguayVenezuela

Take me to the map Venezuela and What three countries borders Venezuela?

Venezuela is located at the north-east area of South America. This country limits with:North: Caribbean SeaWest: ColombiaSouth: Brazil and part of ColombiaEast: Guyana Essequibo and the Atlantic Ocean

What are the three counties in south America with the largest population?

brazil, argentina,venezuela

What are 3 Latin American countries known for their oil resources?

Venezuela, Mexico and Brazil qualify as such; all three are within the 15 largest producers of oil in the world.

What three countries in Latin America have the largest oil reserves?

Venezuela, Mexico, and Brazil qualify as such:Proven oil reserves (2014) in millions of barrels:Venezuela: 297,570 (largest reserves in the world)Brazil: 13,986 (15th)Mexico: 10,264 (16th)Oil production (2013) in millions of barrels per dayVenezuela: 3.02 (9th largest producer in the world)Mexico: 2.93 (10th)Brazil: 2.6 (12th)

Does the equator cross the southern part of south america?

No. It crosses the northern part, but three countries (Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname) and the French territory of French Guiana, are all north of the equator in NE South America. And three countries cross the equator: Colombia, Ecuador, and Brazil.

What three countries make up the Guianas?

Improve Suriname, Venezuela, and Guyana

What three countries formed when Gran Columbia collapsed?

== == Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador

Brazil borders ten countries name three?

Brazil's neighbors include Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guyana, and Suriname on my (very old) globe.

What percent of Aruba's tourism comes from Brazil?

From January to July 2007 Brazilians accounted for over 10 percent of the tourists coming from the three South American countries of Brazil, Colombia, and Venezuela. The total was 42,430 tourists. Of the total, 30,247 were Venezuelans, and 7,834 were Colombians.

Three countries in South America?

Argentina,Bolivia and Brazil.

Three countries in southern hemisphere?

Africa Australia Brazil

What are three countries south of the equator?

Brazil, Chile, and Honduras

List three countries which share a border with Brazil?


Can you name three countries where coffee is grown?

Bolivia, Peru, colombia, Venezuela and Asia

The three countries in South America that border the Caribbean Sea?

colombia, Venezuela and panama.

List three countries that border the Caribbean sea?

Venezuela, Columbia, Costa Rica

What are three small countries that lie east of Venezuela?

Guyana Suriname French Guiana

What are three countries in South America?

There are twelve different countries in South America. Three of those twelve countries would be Brazil, Argentina, and Peru.

What are the countries that won the world cup soccer three times or more?

Brazil, Italy Brazil, Italy

What three South America nations does the equator pass through?

Equador, Columbia, and Brazil Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia are the three South American countries. Equador, Columbia and Brazil