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What are the different groups of 3 that you can make with 9?

You can make three different groups of three out of nine. 9/3=3

What tow metles are gold made of?


What are the three different groups of rock?

igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic

What does Greece mine?

It only mines bronze and a few other metles

Name three different groups of invertebrates?

tae ka kya

What does 5 groups of 3 mean?

(333) (333) (333) (333) (333) this is five groups of three, could be anything as the three items but hast to have five different groups of it. In total there is 15 of that item.

What were the three different opinion groups leading up to the declarationn of independence?


What criterion is used to divide rocks into three groups?

Rocks are put into different groups based on how they are made, igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks are the three kinds,they are divided by how they were transformed.

What are the different groups of protists?

There are three different groups of protists named algae, protozoa and fungi-like protist. Protists are a large, diverse eukaryotic group and most are unicellular.

How are plants classified?

plants are classified by people putting plants in three different groups

How do you get mosling in moshi monster?

By planting different combinations of seeds in groups of three seeds.

Is there a Aztec tribe that does something that one other tribe does not?

they traveled as about three different groups.

Name three different ethnic groups and state where they come from?

Some ethnic groups are Central America, Guatemala and Honduras; They are in the United States

How many different groups of three kids can you make from seven kids?

2 because three plus three is six and you have one child leftover

What three ethnic groups that fought in the civil war?

The three ethnic groups that fought in the Civil War were whites, African Americans, and Native Americans. They all fought for distinctly different reasons.

What are the six different types of interest groups?

Three types of interest groups are civil rights interest groups, religious groups, and economic interest groups. Additional types include ideological interest groups, single-issue groups, and government interest groups. There are thousands of interests groups in all.

Name the three different cultural groups?

Indian, polish, traditional english, chinese, asian...

Name three livelihood groups found among the early indigenous people of the Americas?

Different groups such as; Hunters,Fishermen,Food Gatherers, etc.

Who were the different religious groups that settled in North Carolina?

Quakers, protestants, and catholics where the top three religious groups to first settle in North Carolina

What are Papua New Guinea three main ethnic groups?

There are many different ethnic groups. Sometimes it can be briefly categorised into coastal, inland and islanders.

How many different R-groups are present in 3 different amino acids?

Three, one for each amino acid.

What are the three phosphate groups?

the three phosphate groups are ATP adp and oxygen.

What are the three main groups of islands in the Caribbean?

the three main groups are that you gey(:

How do you use the word groups in a sentence?

There were three groups of cookies on that table, just a moment ago... Let's break up into groups of four and direct our search in different areas. Five groups of geese have landed since dawn.

What are the names of the three gods and goddesses worshiped by different groups of hindus today?

Devi and Shiva and Vishnu.