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What are the three major branches of Canada's federal system?



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The three major branches of Canada's grovenment are___The Executive branch_The legistive Branch_The Judical branche.

The Exacutive branch is the part of Canada's grovenment responsible for puting laws into actions which also includes the Prime Minister (PM) and the cabinet.

The Legistive branch is the branch of Canada's grovenment which makes laws and which also includes the House of commons and the Senate.

The Judicial branch is the branch of Canada's gorvenment which is responsible for interprets and applies the law by making legal judgments and it also includes the Canada's courts of law and the all the members of the Judicial branch comes from the legal profession.

By Sidra Khan
There are three types of government out there today and they are: Federal (Country) Provincial (Province) Municipal (City/Town)