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Abercrombie, Hollister and American Eagle are preppy, and really cute! (:

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Q: What are the three most popular stores for buying preppy clothing?
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What are the most popular stores for buying clothing in the UK?

the best place to buy clothes from is the mall in the usa trisate mall

What is the most popular clothing stores for girls?

the most popular stores for girls is just for me

What are the basic clothing items for a slightly preppy teen girl?

Jeans and nice blouses from stores like American Eagle and The Gap are a great place to start building a slightly preppy teen wardrobe.

How can I save money on men's clothing?

Buying from outlet stores is usually a lot cheaper. If you don't mind buying used clothing, check in the yellow pages for Clothing-Used or Clothing-Vintage and see which stores stock them. You can also find cheap used clothing online.

What are clothing stores?

Clothing stores are stores that sell clothing

Is Hollister preppy?

no. you don't have to be rich to look fashionable.The answer above is utterly incorrect. To start with, preppies aren't even fashionable, their style of clothing doesn't change throughout the decades, and they don't follow trends.Hollister is NOT preppy because is it a mall store. Preppy stores include Lilly Pulitzer, Ralph Lauren, Petit Bateau, J.Crew, Anthropologie, Patagonia, Birkinstock, Brooks Brothers, Lacoste, C.K. Bradley, L.L. Bean, the North Face, etc.Preppy Designers do NOT include:Abercrombie and Fitch, Express, American Eagle, The Limited, Guess, Aeropostale, etc. (i.e. Mall Stores)UNLESS you are talking about "Public High School preppy", which is what is considered preppy in public high schools. In that case, Hollister IS preppy, along with all the other mall stores.

What are popular girls' clothing stores in Canada?

Lasensa Girl, and i like Ardene's

What are the most popular kids clothing stores?

Justice for sure and also Gymboree.

What are some of the more popular offline women's clothing shops?

Women's clothing is a very popular item purchased at many different retailers. Popular clothing stores include JCPenney, Old Navy, Kohl's, and Macy's.

Can someone name a few baby and toddler clothing stores?

The most relevant baby and toddler clothing stores will depend on your geographical location and what retail stores are in your area. Having said that, baby gap and babysRus are two very popular stores for clothing and goods.

What are popular retailers of plus size clothing?

plus size clothing can be provided not only but regular clothing stores but retailers such as torrid and lane bryant department stores such as macys jcpennys and sears provide plus size clothing

What are the most popular pre teen clothing stores?

The most popular pre-teen clothing stores are, Aeropostale, Abercrombie, Hollister, Forever 21, and delias. some clothes at delias can be more adult but they have a JR section.

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