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What are the three musical techniques that are from the baroque period?

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2009-02-19 08:30:05

I'm not sure what you mean by techniques, but the following were

commonly found in baroque music: 1.Counterpoint, basically pitting

two or more melodies against each other. It can be quite beautiful.

2. Ornamentation. Composers of this period favored melodies that

had many flourishes and trils, etc. 3. Baroque compositions were

written on a smaller scale than music of the Classical or Romantic

period. Music was was written to be performed by groups of various

sizes, but the orchestras of that period were much smaller than the

ones we think of today. am not sure if those are the three you mean

, but there are some techniques like : 1.using trilles like do re

do re do re.. 2. always expressing ideas by dinamic change

creasendo or dimuendo 3. having a theme which is always returned

into throughtout the piece in a way or another

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