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I'm not sure what you mean by techniques, but the following were commonly found in baroque music: 1.Counterpoint, basically pitting two or more melodies against each other. It can be quite beautiful. 2. Ornamentation. Composers of this period favored melodies that had many flourishes and trils, etc. 3. Baroque compositions were written on a smaller scale than music of the Classical or Romantic period. Music was was written to be performed by groups of various sizes, but the orchestras of that period were much smaller than the ones we think of today. am not sure if those are the three you mean , but there are some techniques like : 1.using trilles like do re do re do re.. 2. always expressing ideas by dinamic change creasendo or dimuendo 3. having a theme which is always returned into throughtout the piece in a way or another

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Q: What are the three musical techniques that are from the baroque period?
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Who are three artists from the Baroque period through the Postmodern era?

J.S. Bach - Baroque period Beethoven - Classical period Chopin - Romantic period Bernstein - Modern period

When was the baroque period?

1590 - 1725 (It can also be divided into three parts, Early Baroque 1590-1625, High Baroque 1625-1660, and Late Baroque 1660-1725)

What is the time frame for the baroque period in music?

The Baroque era's time period is typically defined as the years 1590-1725. This timeframe is often divided into three parts: Early Baroque (1590-1625), High Baroque (1625-1660), and Late Baroque (1660-1725).

What are three words that describe baroque period?

grotesque; extravagant; overdone

Name the Three techniques that create musical form?

Repetition, Contrast, and Variation

Who were famous composers in the Baroque period?

Johann Sebastian Bach, George Friedrich Handel, and Antonio Vivaldi are three of the most most prolific Baroque composers.Robot lally

What three elements that baroque music shared with the visual and literary arts?

The baroque music period lasted from 1600 to 1750. The three elements that baroque music shared with the visual and literary arts was the love of ornamentation, the emotions of real life, and a sense of movement combined with energy and tension.

Three different composers in the baroque period?

Johann Sebastian Bach, Georg Philipp Telemann, George Frideric Handel

Three movements is a typical formal structure for a Baroque what?

Three movements is a typical formal structure for a baroque Concerto Grosso.

In music what is a tritone used for?

A tritone is used in music as a space in melody or as musical interval that is the sum of three near whole or full tones. The tritone was used extensively in the Baroque Era.

How many instruments are in a baroque trio?

Trio = Three

What are the three different periods of Beethoven's work?

His musical career is usually divided into 3 periods:a formative period that extends to 1802a middle period from 1803 to 1814a mature period from 1814 to 1827

Three movements is a typical formal structure for a Baroque?


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Counterpoint, Basso continuo, doctrine of affections

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Which is a typical formal structure for a Baroque solo concerto?

Three movements following the pattern fast slow fast is a typical formal structure for a Baroque solo concerto.

What is a solo concerto?

A Solo Concerto is a concerto i which a single soloist is accompanied by an orchestra. It is the most frequent type of concerto. It originated in the Baroque Period (approx. 1600 - 1750) as an alternative to the traditional Concertino in a concerto grosso. Concerto = an instrumental work that maintains contrast between an orchestral ensemble and a smaller group or a solo instrument, or among various groups of an undivided orchestra. (fast-slow-fast) three movements. Concertino = The group of solo instruments in a concerto grosso. Concerto Grosso = a musical form, common in the Baroque period, in which contrasting sections are played by full orchestra and by a small group of soloists. Hope that helps :)

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