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if some of there products arnt selling if new things are selling fast so they can make something simular to make more money or if they are close to being bankrupt and they need to think of new things to make for more money

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Q: What are the three reasons that forces an organization to introduce new product or service design?
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What is the difference between service organization and manufacturing organization?

A service organization's end product is a service. A manufacturing organization's end product is a product.

A single organization which has total control of a specific product or service?

A monopoly.

What are the three basic function in business organization?

product service knowledge

How does a customer influence and Impact a organization?

The influence an individual customer has on an organisation depends on the size of the customer, the size of the organization and the ease with which the customer could replace the service or product the organization provides, among other things. Basically the organization has to provide a satisfactory service or product to its customers, or risk bankruptcy.

Write down four reasons why an organizaation exists?

Organizations are formed for many reasons, functions. The organization exists to inspire, motivate, provide emotional support, offer a quality product/service, inform, and make a profit for share-holders, owners.

Is marketing a profit taking activity?

Of course! marketing is a profit taking activity. Today everyone needs marketing any product, service or upcoming movies. Marketing introduce you and your product to people with better manner.

What are the line and staff relations in an organization?

Line and staff relations in an organization refers to the operations. The line relations are the direct production of the primary product or service. Staff relations are support employees.

What is the best description if a corporation?

A corporation is a business organization charter by law that produces a product or service and sells shares to individuals or groups.

Role of TPS in a service organization?

describe the role of a TPS in a service organization

What is difference between output and outcome in non government organization sectoe?

The difference between output and outcome is that , output is the product or service that comes out of a process and outcome is the net result of that output to the organization.

How do you achieve total customer satisfaction organization need to do what?

By providing a friendly customer service and giving full disclosure about your product and how it will benefit your customer.