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the three Maine regions are: Appalachian mountains region, eastern New England uplands region and the coastal region.

The 8 Maine regions are: Abroostook, Kennebec and Mooserivier valley, Maines lakes and mountains, southern Maine coast, greater portland and casco bay, mid coast, downeast and acadia,The Maine highlands.

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Which of the three regions in Maine is the largest?

the eastern new England upland is the largest region in Maine

How many land regions does Maine have?

Maine has 4 main land regions

What are the physical features of Maine?

Maine has only 3 regions.

Name the three natural land regions in Maine?

Appalachian mountains ,new england upland , coastal lowlands

What are the 4 regions in Maine?

Not enough information to answer question... I am from Maine and I have never heard of it having 4 "regions"... does this mean counties? There are 16 of those.

What are some land regions in Maine?

your moms face

How many main land regions does Maine have?


What are the main land regions in Maine?

desert valley coast

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What are the four main land regions of Maine?

Define 'land region'.

What are New Hampshire's main land regions?

Maine & vermont & massachueietts

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What are the basic 3 regions of Maine?

I am pretty sure they are North West, Coastal, and South

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How long does it take to drive from Scarborough Maine to Bar Harbor Maine?

It takes approximately three hours to drive from Scarborough, Maine to Bar Harbor, Maine.

What are maine's 4 land regions?

There are 12 land regions in the state of Maine. The 4 main regions are, Somerset County Region, Androscoggin Region, York County Region, and Washington County Region.

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