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What are the three steps a CPU performs?

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Three steps is probably minimal, and not really sufficient to describe the processing a CPU performs. If you have to use 3, probably fetch (the instruction), execute (the instruction) and store (write the results). However, this skips fetching the operands (if any). Most instructions require one or more operands.

If you assume the instruction is already fetched, you might classify the three steps as fetch the operand(s) (read them from memory), execute the instruction (perform an operation on the operands) and store (write the results to memory).

I think you will find it is more fetch, decode and execute are the three steps a CPU performs

2011-09-13 21:26:50
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Every time the CPU performs a program instruction it goes through a series of steps called the?

Machine cycle

What part of a computer performs calculations and other computing operations?


What is a CPU memory card?

The CPU, aka, 'Central Processing Unit,' performs the caculations and logic functions of the computer. However, the CPU is not the same as a motherboard, as it is a larger board in which the CPC an other memory cards can plug into. A CPU deals with instructions it receives in a series of steps.

What part of the CPU unit performs the calculations?

The Arithmetic and Logarithmic Unit of the CPU.

What CPU unit performs calculations?


What performs the same kind of computational work that a CPU performs but is specialized to handle 3-D graphics and image and video processing?

GPU performs the same kind of computational work that a CPU performs but is specialized to handle 3-D graphics and image and video processing.

What part of CPU performs comparisons and calculations?

A l u

What performs the arithmetic computation and logic operations in the CPU?


Does the DIMM perform simple math for the CPU?

No. The RAM (in the DIMM) is a storage area. The CPU performs mathematical operations.

Which section of the CPU is responsible for performing addition?

Arithmetics logics unit that is alu ,is the section of cpu that performs addition.

What system performs rapid calculations?

Central processing unit, CPU.

What component in a computer performs calculations?

The Central Processing Unit or CPU.

What part of a CPU manages data and instructions entering and leaving the CPU?

It is the cache controller that performs this function. It is the "bridge" or interface.= =

Where data is stored in CPU?

No data is stored in the CPU. The CPU only performs arithmetic and logical operations. However, the CPU is provided with a small memory unit called cache, which rapidly feeds the CPU with data to calculate.

What component performs mathematical operations in computers?

Arithmetic logic unit in the cpu

Part of the CPU which performs the calculations?

ALU - Arithmetic & Logical Unit

Name three CPU manufacturers?

name three CPU manufacturers?

What is the logic unit part of the CPU which performs all of the calculations?

The "arithmetic logic unit" performs these operations in classical standard microprocessor architectures

What performs arithmetic and logic calculations?

There is a special part of the CPU that performs Arithmetic and Logical calculations. Its called Arithmetic Logic Unit ( ALU ).

What is the logic unit is the part of the CPU which performs all of the calculations?

The ALU performs arithmetic and logic operations. ALU stands for Arithmetic Logic Unit.

Which main part of computer performs computing?

the processor, or CPU (central Processing Unit)

What is the main chip of computer?

CPU - Central Processing Unit which performs logical calculations

What system performs rapid calculations and manipulates data?

Central Processing Unit, CPU

When your computer first boots up it performs a test what is that test known as?

CPU Processing

What is the responsibility of the logical unit in the CPU?

It performs arithmetic and logic operations within the microprocessor.