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1. Sperm and Egg bind in uterus (e.g. humans, dogs, cats, etc.)

2. Eggs are laid (e.g. monotremes: platypus, echidna)

3. Two-pronged penis, Two lateral vaginas, Median vagina for birth (e.g. marsupials: kangaroos, koalas)

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What are the three types of reproduction?

Conjugation and fertilization are two types of sexual reproduction.The three types of Asexual Reproduction are fission, fragmentation, and regeneration.

What are three types of sexual reproduction?

what are the three types of asexual reproduction? AnswerConjugation and fertilization are two

What are the three types of mammals?

The three types of mammals are:Placental mammals, or Eutherians. This is the largest group of mammals.Marsupials (often referred to as the "pouched mammals")Monotremes, or egg-laying mammals

Do mammals use internal or external reproduction?

Mammals use internal reproduction

What are three types of asexual reproduction?

fission, fragmentation, and regeneration

What is the difference in the reproduction of hydras and mammals?

hydras carry out asexual reproduction (binary fission) whereas mammals carry out sexual reproduction (mating)

How many mammals are there?

There is three different types of mammals monotremes, placental, and marsupials There are about 5,360 species of mammals, distributed worldwide.

What are three types of teeth mammals have?

cutilr,fulgirt, and estrandas

What methods of reproduction do placental mammals use?

Sexual reproduction.

What type of animals are mammals?

warm blooded ones. Like a monkey.There are three types of mammals based on their mode of reproduction.Monotreme mammals lay eggs, for example the platypus.Marsupial mammals have young that develop in the uterus for a short term, for example the kangaroo.Placental mammals develop through advanced stages in the uterus and receive maternal nutrients across the placenta, for example cats.

What three types of vertebrace?

Mammals. Fish. Birds Amphibians. Reptiles.

What are three types of marine animals?

fish, mollusks, and marine mammals

What are three types of mammals that live in Montana?

moose, elk, beaver

Mammals are divided into three large categories based on what?

Plato Users: Reproduction and Development (monotremes, placentals, etc.)

What is the process of reproduction in mammals?


What are the three types of asexual reproduction?

Budding, Fission, and regeneration ~Hope this helps~:)

How do mammals lay eggs?

There are just two types of egg-laying mammals. They are the platypus and the echidna. These animals, known as monotremes, lay eggs for the purpose of reproduction. They lay eggs via sexual intercourse as all mammals do.

Sentence with the word sexual reproduction in it?

Mammals reproduce by means of sexual reproduction.

What are two types of reproduction?

The main categories of reproduction are sexual and asexual. Two types of reproduction are asexual and sexual reproduction.

Do mammals use internal reproduction?

yes mammals do use internal reproduction as they are more likely to survive longer as they are less likely to be eaten.

What do birds and mammals reproduction have in common?

Both birds and mammals care for their young.

What are three types of native mammals that live in Florida?

Deer, puma, rabbit.

What are the three types of flying mammals?

They are bats, sugar gliders, flying squirrels.

What are the 3 types of asexual reproduction?

The three main types of asexual reproduction are (Binary/Multiple) Fission, Budding, and Fragmentation. Each type is used in different ways for different organisms.

Identify and describe the three types of asexual reproduction?

binary deffision, budding, regeneraion

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