What are the three variants of the patriot missile?

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  1. Brady to Moss
  2. Brady to Welker
  3. Brady to Faulk
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What is a variant?

diffrent forms of the entry word are shown.. fo example, directed,directing, and direct may be shown for the entry word direct.

What are variants?

A variant is a type of something. For example, a Chrysler 300,Hyundai Sonata, and Jaguar XJ are all variants of a sedan.

How does a patriot missile stop an incoming SCUD missile?

Well, what you and I need to know first and foremost is that modern missiles such as Sparrow and Patriot MIM use ARH(Active radar homing). With ARH, a missile such as a Pat

Patriot missiles during desert storm?

Primary mission of the Patriot missile during DS? KEEPING ISRAEL OUT OF THE CONFLICT!. Explanation:. 1. President Bush Senior knew that Iraq would be no competition, and eas

What is the cost of a patriot Missile?

The U.S. recently sold 209 Patriot missiles to Kuwait for about $900 million. Therefore, each missile costs $4.3 million.

What were three weaknesses of the patriots?

In 2009 the three weaknesses were injuries to quarterback Tom Brady and receivers Randy Moss and Wes Welker; the failure of receiver Joey Galloway; and uneven play by the defe
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