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The engine is a four cam motor with two cams on each head.

The timing belt is tensioned with three tensioners and it is advised you mark each sprocket position with White Out when the sprocket notches align with the four marks in the timing cover backing plate, as well as the crank position being at #1 TDC.

The engine timing requires the use of a SST (Special Service Tool. ) that GM supplied each dealership to lock all the cams and the crank so you can install a new belt kit.

The GM OE Timing Kit with all tensioner rollers and belt is around $400.00 to $500.00.

It is possible to lock the cams with other means and mark off the new belt from the marks you made on the old belt where it aligns with the static reference marks on the backing plate.

I used a pair of wooden wedges between the cam sprockets after aligning everything up.

However, it would be easy to snap off the cam nose journals if you hammered them in too tight. User beware !

Each tensioner has to be loosened to allow belt to install and juggling the two excentric tensioners to align the cams is done first, holding the belt to the cam sprockets with cable ties.

The last 'self adjusting tensioner' is then tightened to align it's notches together for final tension on the belt.

Turn the engine over by hand to check alignment of sprockets and make sure there is no internal mechanical interference.

FYI. ........There is a small bore vacuum hose from the underside of the throttle body to the fuel pressure regulator at back of will knock the rubber connection hose off while trying to get the timing cover off....make sure it is reinstalled.

NB : There is a DIY section on you can see by paying a small fee for the vehicle of your choise.

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Q: What are the timing specifications for a 1998 Cadillac Catera?
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