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You breed any pokemon with ditto.

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Where you can find a elikid in Pokemon Platinum?

breed an electabuzz if you want an elekid in Pokemon platinum

How do you get your Pokemon to breed on Pokemon Platinum?

find a ditto. it can breed with any gender of kind of Pokemon except legendary.

Where do you get a turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum?

You can not get a Turtwig egg in Pokemon Platinum. But if you breed a Turtwig with a Ditto, then it is possible.

In Pokemon platinum can you breed a Pokemon with Ditto to make a legendary?


In Pokemon platinum can Giratina breed with Ditto?

No, Giratina can't breed with anything.

Can you breed a mew in Pokemon platinum?

no ledgendary can breed (apart from manaphy to get phione)

What can't you breed with a Ditto in Pokemon platinum?

Ditto can't breed with Pokemon that don't evolve, ledgendary Pokemon, and baby Pokemon who are on their first form.

Can Ditto breed on Pokemon Platinum with a male Pokemon as well as a female one?

ditto can breed with ANY Pokemon as long as it has a gender. (rare Pokemon are genderless, so u cant breed them. >.<)

How do you get pheon on Pokemon platinum?

you have to breed manaphy with a ditto and you get phione

Where do you find wynaut in Pokemon platinum?

You have to breed a Wobbuffet to get Wynaut

Where is the egg of a taillow in Pokemon platinum?

there is no egg.you can only breed it

How can you get a phione in Pokemon platinum?

You need to breed manaphy with a ditto

How do you breed manaphy in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't, you catch it on another game and trade it over to platinum

How do you get phion in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You need to get a Manaphy from Pokemon ranger / Pokemon platinum and breed it with a Ditto.

How do you get spirtomb in Pokemon Platinum?

try your best to find spirtomb in Pokemon platinum

Does Ditto breed with anyone on Pokemon platinum?

Ditto will breed with anyone other than legandaries (rotom and manaphy can breed)

Where do you see phione in Pokemon platinum?

Breed MANAPHY and DITTO together

How do you get a magby in Pokemon platinum?

breed magmar (either gendar) with ditto

How do you get a happiny in Pokemon Platinum?

you breed a chansey which are found in the trophy garden

Where can you find a wynaut in Pokemon platinum?

You have to breed wobbuffet with a Lax incense

Where can you find shuppet in Pokemon platinum?

there are none in the wild you have to breed Bannette

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