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What are the top 10 shareware programs?

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Example of a shareware programs?

All operating systems from Microsoft, Apple and so on.example of shareware

What kind of programs that are software programs are distribute on the honor system?


Are shareware programs likely to have viruses?

Not necessarily, but it is possible. After downloading any shareware, you should always save to a download folder and scan for viruses, before installing.

What is the program to make a billing software in java?

There are a few different programs for billing software in Java, depending on what your needs are. Shareware Central has some programs available.

What do you call a program or group of programs that is created by a community of developers and is made available to the public for free?

Freeware - or shareware.

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Duke is listed by the Macquil site as being third in the top 10 online MBA programs that are being offered. This is for the 2010-2011 academic year. Among the top 10 are several other well known universities.

What software is a collection of individual application programs available together as a unit?

A Software Suite

Top 10 names of leadership development programs?

future leadership development program

How do you run Symbian OS programs on a Windows OS?

There is a program named GameMagic. It is developed by AmazingMobile Software, it's shareware and it costs $19.

Describe the difference between shareware and freeware and public domain software?

shareware is a licensed product and only documentation is available but in any case you have to purchase. but on the other hand, freeware is a trial basis/or free of cost . shareware is a licensed product and only documentation is available but in any case you have to purchase. but on the other hand, freeware is a trial basis/or free of cost . Both are programs. Freeware is free forever where shareware may ask for a voluntary donation or upgrade to a "premium" version of the program.

What has the author Jennifer Holt DiGiovanna written?

Jennifer Holt DiGiovanna has written: 'Business applications shareware' -- subject(s): Business, Computer programs

What are the advantages and disadvantages of freeware and shareware?

The advantage of freeware and shareware is that it is free. It is possible to get some very good programs that way. Such programs include firefox and gmail. The disadvantages are that some programs that come that way come with computer viruses and Trojan horses. They infect your computer and take it over. They steal your credit card information. There is a lot of false information on the internet. It will cost money to have a virus removed from this particular computer! The voice of experience speaks.

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What is a shareware?

Shareware is free software that may be distributed after which a fee may be requested for continued use.

What are the differences between freeware and shareware?

freeware is free no money need, shareware need money

Where can you get free full version softwares?

There are sites that offer freeware and shareware programs, free programs given away by the owner. Any 'FREE' programs that normally must be paid for are usually trial versions for which you will have to pay eventually to be able to keep using them. Anything else is theft.

How do you download a shareware?

I usually download shareware from the website below. More than 20000 sharewares are on the website.

Why would you choose a commercial version of Linux over a shareware version?

Shareware software is commercial software. Shareware simply refers to the ability to redistribute a limited trial version of the product to others.

What are the top 10 online MBA programs offered?

Some of the top ten online MBA programs would include Global MBA and Phoenix. In order to determine which is "best", you would have to determine factors such as how quickly you want to finish your MBA.

Is ms office a shareware?


I need a link to a good Shareware site THANKS? They list all kinds of shareware or try

On iTunes downloads what is Shareware Is it free like Freeware?

Shareware is free for a limited time, then you have to pay for it if you want to keep it.

What is the storage capacity of shareware?

Shareware is a category of a program or application. Shareware is a type of software that you can get it for trial for free. If you decide to keep using it, you are expected to pay. All that to say, it is difficult to answer your question, because there's different types of shareware applications, there's word processors, spreadsheets and financial planning.

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"Top executive MBA programs in the United States. I dont