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Who knows what the top five colleges anywhere in anything are? But I'll give you three suggestions to start with. Texas A&M Texas Tech Tarleton State Consider what you want out of your education. A&M and Tech are, of course, BIG schools. Your colleagues will likely be among the best students in the field. You'll probably take basic undergraduate classes, like chemistry, in giant lecture halls with hundreds of other students. You might find that your professors are more interested in their research than in their undergraduate students. If you are looking to become connected to an upper echelon of researchers, that might be what you want. Tech's not as big as A&M, and the institution isn't obsessed with keeping up with UT-Austin, so it probably is less of a meat grinder. You'll get a lot more personal attention from less famous professors at a smaller school like Tarleton. You might or might not be challenged to stretch yourself as much, but you're much less likely to get lost in the crowd. My experience at Tarleton (in engineering) was that professors would stop me walking down the hall or across campus and ask what I was up to. And really want to know the answer. That's been 25 years. Things might have changed. I transferred to A&M after my sophomore year, and found that to be an excellent balance between the two: small when there was a risk of getting lost and large when I needed the specialized resources of a large campus.

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Q: What are the top five colleges in Texas to study Agriculture?
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