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What are the top law firms?

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The Sommer Law Group in Pittsburgh PA specializes in Landlord and Tenant Disputes, real estate law, and business law. The Sommer Law Group can assist you with small business set up, title insurance and closing services, and offer wonderful advice concerning efficient asset management. The Sommer Law Group in Pittsburgh PA offers a free consultation. The firm's website is

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How does Wilson Elser rank in terms of law firms in the United States?

According to The American Lawyer, the Wilson Elser ranks amongst the top 100 firms in the U.S. The National Law Journal ranks them in the top 50 firms in the country.

Are debt collectors ever law firms?

Yes, many are law firms.

What are some Canadian law firms where a lawyer can practice law?

Law firms employ qualified lawyers to practice law and represent clients in legal matters. Canadian law firms include Taylor Fordyce Ltd, Mosses Solicitors and Kleiman Law.

What are the ramifications of a paralegal dating clients of law firms?

check your law firms policies on dating clients.

Are there any law firms in New Jersey that specialize in DUI cases?

There are several law firms that specialize in DUI cases. Peter Lederman from the offices of Lomurro, Davison, Eastman and Munoz was selected as one of the top DUI/DWI defense lawyers.

What are some of the top law firms in Houston?

The top four law firms in Houston include Baker Botts, Vinson & Elkins, Fulbright & Jaworski and Susman Godfrey. All four are in the 8.0 or higher ranking with Botts and Fulbright holding the number one and number two spots for three consecutive years.

Where can one find information on Car Accident Law firms?

Many law firms that specialize in car accident cases advetise on daytime television. Also, websites like Auto Accident Law Firms and PR Web can give information on these firms.

What are some of the top consulting firms in California?

A list of some of the top consulting firms in California can be found by going to the Storm Scape website. The website has an interactive list of the top consulting firms in the state.

Is there a registry of all law firms in Alabama?

Yes, is a registry of all law firms in Alabama.

Where can I find online reviews of the maritime law firms in Tampa?

You can find online reviews of maritime law firms in Tampa at

What are some reputable bankruptcy law firms located in Los Angeles?

There are many reputable bankruptcy law firms in Los Angeles. For a listing of these law firms and the attorneys who work for them see the local yellow page listings for this area.

Where are Wills and Probate located in Boston?

There are 127 locations for Wills & Probate Law firms located in Boston. There is no company named Wills & Probate. Those are services provided from law firms. Most law firms deal with wills and probates.

Which London law firms have adoption attorneys?

A number of London law firms have adoption attorneys one can use. Some of these law firms include Osbornes Solicitors LLP and Goodman Ray. One can contact them through their official websites.

What are the best law firms in Tampa, Florida?

Carlton Fields is located in Tampa, FL and is rated as one of the top lawyer firms in the US! The firm of Fowler, White, Gillen, Boggs, Villareal and Banker also made the top 250 list and they are located in Tampa as well.

What is the top auto accident law firm in Anchorage, AK?

Schefield and Scott is one of the more popular auto accident firms in your area.

What are the Appliance repair firms tax consultants law firms and insurance companies are all business firms that are part of the?

Service Sector

What are some examples of websites of law firms?

Some examples of websites of law firms include the websites "Thompson Coburn", "Liza Burke Law", "Thomas J. Henry Law", "Arent Fox", "Axtom Law", "Springhouse Law".

How many law firms are in America?


What are the top graphic design firms?

DDB, BBDO, Young & Rubicam. There are a LOT of great firms.

What are the challenges faced by law firms?

Besides the case to be won, one of the law firms challenges is keeping communication smoothly flowing between lawyers and clients.

What is the salary you make after graduating from Harvard Law School?

For 2007 graduates, the top starting salary for new associates at the largest national firms was $160,000. Not all graduates of Harvard Law School end up in those firms. Firms in smaller cities typically pay less, in some cases much less. Government, corporate and public interest employers also pay less.

What are some of the top rate business consulting firms in the New York area?

There are a number of top rated business consulting firms in the New York area. Some of the top rated firms are McKinsey & Company, Booz & Company, Accenture and Deloitte Consulting LLP.

Do hospitals hire law firms?

They usually have someone.

What benefits do lawyers working in law firms get?


What is the starting salary for an attorney in Chicago?

It really depends on the area of legal expertise but most law firms in Chicago start a minimum of $125,000 per year. But these firms generally hire only the best candidates from the top law schools. There is a good site where you can ask Chicago attorneys questions 12.75