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.comGenerally the top 6 are considered to be:

Yale Harvard Stanford University of Chicago Columbia NYU

Answerbased on the rankings from, the top Law Schools are:

Yale Harvard Stanford Columbia NYU University of Chicago University of Penn University of Michigan University of Virginia Northwestern University

these are just the top ten but a complete list can be found at this website,

From what I've heard the best is Harvard or Yale both hard to get into

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Q: What are the top law schools in the US?
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Are the top online law schools competitive with the top brick-and-mortar law schools?

No, top online law schools are not competitive with the top brick-and-mortar law schools. The reason is you can't get a law degree online. No, they are not competitive with the brick-and-mortar law schools. You may be able to take some classes and obtain your undergrad degree, but there isn't an online law school.

What are the top online law schools?

There are many online laws schools. Some of the top schools include California online law school and Concord law school. Concord Law Online is among the best online law schools. Many Universities also offer online law programs.

Where are the best law schools in Europe?

Europe has many exceptional law schools. Leiden Law School and Amsterdam Law School are both ranked as top law schools in Europe.

What is the top law degree school in Wichita, KS?

Kansas Law Colleges and Kansas Law Schools are the top law degree colleges

Can you provide a list of good law schools?

Most top ranked universities and educational institutions have law programs. Some of these include Harvard Law School, Yale Law School, UPenn Law and others. A list of top law schools is also available at the website.

What are all the law schools in the US?

You can find a complete list of law schools and their ranking at the link below.

What are the top 3 business trade schools in the US?

The top three business trade schools in the US is debatable; there are several different lists of top schools. However, visit and to read reviews and learn more.

What are two of the best law schools?

That is a relative determination. Michign, Harvard, Stanford are all top notch law schools along with dozens of others.

Do law schools look at your ACT scores?

yes the top law schools like students who have over a 1300 on the SAT, over 30 on the act

What is the top 10 law schools in the world?

The top ten law schools are as follows: Yale, Stanford, Harvard, Columbia, University of Chicago,NYU, Berkeley, University of Pennsylvania, UVA, and Ann Arbor.

What are the best law schools in the world?

I don't have a list of the world but you can find information and rankings on US law schools at the link below.

What are top ranked med schools in US?


What is a tier one law school?

U.S. News says that it is the top 100, but law students and those in the legal community consider the top 50 schools to be Tier 1, and 50-100 to be Tier 2. The most prestigious law schools are referred to as T-14 (Top 14).

Which are the top 10 law schools in Pakistan?

st anthony faisal town ..........

What are the oldest law schools in the US?

William and Mary, Harvard

You want to go to law school in ny where should you go?

There are a number of law schools in the New York City area (as well as several others upstate). Some of the top 14 law schools in the country are New York Schools (the top 14 tend to be on a separate level from all other schools in many peoples' minds). The New York schools among that group are: Columbia University New York University Cornell University Other strong, top 50 law schools in New York City include: Fordham University, Cardozo Law (Yeshiva University). There are also schools in the city at Brooklyn College of Law and New York College of Law The schools have very different admissions requirements so it is very much a factor of IF you can go to a school before its where you SHOULD go.

What are the top 2 dental schools in the U.S.?

The top 2 dental schools in the U.S. is New York University and Upenn. You can read the ranking at -

What are the top 5 all girls high schools in the US?

for what?

Best ivy league school for law?

According to US News and World Reports, Yale is the top law school in the nation. (The full list can be seen here, don't limit yourself simply to an ivy league schools. Yale law school has an admissions rate of 8-10%. There are numbers of schools with fantastic law programs that aren't Ivy League schools (NYU is 5th, Berkeley 6th, etc.) Don't go to a school just for a name, go because you know it is the best fit for you. Then you will truly be happy with the education you are receiving!

What are the top architect schools in the US?

Illinois Institute of Technology, Auburn University, and Rhode Island School of Design are among the top three schools.

What type of degrees do you get for law school?

Most law schools in the US confer a JD. That is a doctorate of jurisprudence.

Whats the best collage to go to be a lawyer?

Look at the U.S. News and World Report's ranking of law schools- redone every year, but the same schools come out in the top every time. You best chances of finding the job you want at the firm you want are if you attend a top law school- if you can get in. If not, your state law school costs less than private law schools- if you can get in. Check requirements in the state where you want to practice. You will probably need to attend an ABA (American Bar Association) accredited law school- so be wary of foreign law schools and online schools.

Where can I get law school loans?

Law schools cost a lot of money so you will need to get a loan. Sallie Mae and Wells Fargo are top named lenders that give out large loans. Students also frequently get loans from Citi Bank. You can find a guide at the Top Law Schools website.

What are the top ten ranked law schools in Toronto?

Some of the top law schools are located in Toronto, and include the University of Toronto, Osgoode Law School at York University, Humber College, Seneca College, Centennial College, They are ranked according to graduate quality: where graduates are hired, and how quickly.

What are the top 50 prep schools in the us?

a school and 49 more