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The top paying jobs in the government is Astronomer, Attorney and Financial Manager. These are the top three highest paying jobs. They all make over $100,000 a year.

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The top 10 most paying jobs depends on the location being studied. In The United States for example medical jobs and government jobs are paid highly.

One of the top paying jobs is growing marijuana

There are various top paying jobs in Indianapolis. Some of the top paying jobs in Indianapolis are in management, legal, computer and mathematics occupations.

I am not very sure of the answer to that... but government jobs pay well. If you do not want a government job then I would suggest Marine Engineering or Marine Biology.

There are several top paying jobs in the Houston area. It really just depends on your experience and training. Top paying jobs can range from being a truck driver for some top paying companies to being a CEO of a major corporation.

one of the top jobs in Tennessee is construction

Government jobs are the highest paying jobs at the moment. They are also the safest jobs. You get paid high salary from the hard earned taxes of people with advanced degrees paid at (close to) minimum wages. That's how it works in Canada.

one of the highest paying jobs is doctors and surgeons

Prostitute, stripper, and cashier

One of the top paying science jobs in the country is Astrologist. They earn on average earn about $95,000 a year. Another top earning science job is Physicists, the on average earn about $94,000 a year.

One of the best paying medical jobs is an Anesthesiologist. Another top paying medical job is a Neurological Surgeon. A Cardiothoracic Surgeon makes a lot of money as well.

Same as US. Investment banking and top traders in financial giants

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Films acting, Modeling, Advertising


It depends on the type of education and experience you have. Some jobs are federal or state government jobs, or any specialty trade type of work is high paying.

There are many good paying jobs with or without a college degree. Tech jobs, medical jobs and sales jobs are good paying jobs. Engineering jobs and HVAC repair jobs are also good paying jobs. Surveyors, medical assistants and legal secretaries are also good paying jobs.

According to the United States Bureau of Statistics, one of the top 25 highest paying jobs are agricultural managerial positions. Another high paying agricultural job is veterinary medicine.

High paying security jobs are available for those with high levels of training, specifically former special forces. Private security for government officials, corporations, and rare artifacts pay the most. government security jobs Medical field

The current highest paying job in US are Doctors and Surgeons. The annual mean wage is approximately $234,950. The second highest paying job are Dentist and Orthadox. The annual mean wage is approximately $204,670. These jobs are one of the top ten highest paying jobs in the US.

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