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What are the top salaries for arena football league players?

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I don't know the top salaries, but the average salary is $85,000 per year.

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what is the salary to play arena football

Arena Football League was created in 1987.

Arena Football League ended in 2009.

Arena Football League on ESPN was created in 2007.

Arena Football League on ESPN ended in 2008.

The duration of Arena Football League on ESPN is 3 hours.

They make on average from $50,000-$250,000.

There are 18 games in a season of arena football.

Arena football league or American football league or American Federation of Labor

As of the 2010 season, the pay is now at $400 flat pay a game. Each team is given 3 franchise tickets for those players who are above the average. Those players receive $1000 a game. Considering there is a 16 game season, the average player's salary would be $6,400 a season. For a franchise player, it would be $16,000 a year. There are current speculations now of the league joining buisinesses with the Canadian Football League. As of what happens with the pay then is still up for debate.

Since this is in the American Football category, I would say it stands for either American Football League, or Arena Football League.American football league

There are many states that have an arena football league, including Illinois, Colorado, and Washington. Florida, California, and Oregon also have football teams in the arena franchise.

The average salary for Arena 1 football players is $31,000. This is in contrast to the average salary of an NFL player which is $1.9 million per year.

The Arena Football League was first started from an idea of an indoor football game. The first game was played in 1987. The first test game was played in Rockford Illinois.

Arena football is an indoor American football game in the United States. The game is best known from Arena Football League, which is based in the United States, like the game itself.

NFL (national football league) NCAAF (college football) XFL (X-treme football---banned) AFL (Arena football league) UFL (United Football league) CFL (Canadian Football League) EFL (European Football League)

In American (gridiron) Football, there are twenty-two (22) players on the field; eleven (11) on each of two teams. In Arena Football, 8 players are on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball for a total of 16.

Indoor Football: AFL-Arena football league IFL-Indoor Football league PFL-Pro Football league Normal Football: UFL-United Football league Canadian Football: CFL-Canadian football league European Football: NFL Europe-National Football League Europe EFL-European Football League

Arena 2 football players aren't big time celebrities. Their average salary is around $75,000 per year, with the league minimum much lower than this.

arena football is pro football but it is just 50 yards and has different rules. semi pro football is like a little league for the NFL.

Arena players are not any faster or slower than NFL players. Arena football is just another route for people who don't make it to the NFL right away. There are MORE skill players than in the NFL, but they are not individually faster.