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What are the top ten schools with the most football championships?


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There is kind of more than one answer to this question. Since the AP poll started being used as the manner in selecting a national champion (1936) the most national championships by school are as follows: 1) Notre Dame (8) 2) Oklahoma (7) 2) Alabama (7) 2) Southern Cal (7) 5) Ohio State (5) 5) Nebraska (5) 5) Miami (FL) (5) 8) Texas (3) and a host of teams with 2 nat'l championships: Pittsburgh, Army, Tennessee, Mich. State, LSU, Penn State, FSU HOWEVER, from 1936-64, and 66-67, the national champion was declared BEFORE the bowl game was ever played, so the NCAA record book only lists the national champions since 1965 and excludes 66 and 67 from consideration of schools with national championships. Since 1965 (excluding 66 and 67) schools with most championships: 1) USC (5) 1) Alabama (5) 1) Miami (FL) (5) 1) Nebraska (5) 5) Oklahoma (3) 5) Notre Dame (3) 7) FSU (2) 7) Penn State (2) 7) Ohio State (2) NOTE: When national championship is split, both teams are credited with one national championship. UCLA UCLA won its one and only poll championship, a split decision with Ohio State, in 1954. UCLA was voted poll champion by UPI. Ohio State took home AP honors. Ohio State defeated Southern Cal in the 1-1-55 Rose Bowl, 20 to 7. UCLA did not play in a bowl.


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USC has won the most team national championships, and UCLA has won the most combined.Who are the next ten schools? this is not including football the NCAA dose not award national championships in football so its hard to say and you will pobabibly get a different answer depending on who you ask

From 1912, which is when Ohio State joined the Big Ten, they have won 32 Big Ten Championships.

60- most are from Michigan, OSU, Penn St. and Minnesota

To date, Michigan has won 42 Big Ten titles

Ten championships of what? =\ --Ciarro

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The Wisconsin Badgers Men's Basketball team has a total of 19 Big Ten Championships. (17 Regular Season Championships, two Conference Tournament Championships)

Conference with Most NCAA Football ChampionshipsHere are some opinions from FAQ Farmers: AlabamaI think the Big8/12 and the SEC are tied at 14 since 1936.When did "Alabama" become a conference?- The Big Ten easily has the most national championships. There are 20 national championships between Ohio State, Michigan, and Minnesota, not even counting the other team's championships in the Big Ten.- Since 1936, these are the results (include dual and tri championships ... thanks AP) based on what conference teams are in now, which of course is a dumb way to consider it. Texas was a Southwestern Conference member for all but one of their titles, etc.1. SEC, 202. Big Ten, 183. Big 12, 174. Non-BCS (Notre Dame, Army, BYU, TCU), 135. Pac-10 & ACC, 96. Big East, 4** All of the above is incorrect. The six conferences listed are Division I. The NCAA does not award a championship for Division I football.

As of now, 12....and 7 Heisman Trophy winners The university claims only eleven championships, though they have been selected as champion by various organizations in an additional ten seasons.

The Colorado Buffaloes have won two championships in the last ten years. Both championships won were the Big 12 North Division Championships in the years 2004 and 2005.

Penn State joined the B-10 in 1990 and started competing athleticall in the B-10 in 1993. They have won the following B-10 championships in football: 1994, 2005 (shared with Ohio State), 2008 (shared with Ohio State)

The Big Ten has won 39 National Championships in college football. Far more than any conference. I will qualify this answer and one of my other answers by saying that I am only including Championships at the highest level. For Example, the Ivy League has won more than 39, but many came as an FCS competitor. Technically, Division III Ohio Valley Conference has won by far the most, but I am keeping my answers (which actually are accurate) to Championships won at the highest level.

Penn State's Joe Paterno has the most wins in college football history.

Thats a tricky question to answer as conferences have changed alot over the years. The Pac-10 hands down. UCLA alone holds 11 titles.....more than any other conference combined. Schools hold the championships, not conferences. So when a school switches conferences, or if a conference dissolves altogether....well, lets just say, its a moot question. Example....Miami holds their football championships....some as independant, some as a member of the Big East. Now that they are in the ACC....their next title will be there. A more correct question would be....which conference has the most schools with the most championships? Current schools in the Pac-10 combine to hold 15 NCAA titles in basketball. Pac-10 (15)SEC - (10)Big Ten - (10)Big East - (10)ACC - (10)Big 12 - (4)

Jaipur Cambridge Academy is in the top ten schools of Jaipur.

There are ten football teams in the Big Ten, which is why it's called the Big Ten.

Ohio State has won 16 outright Big Ten championships and has been co-champion another 15 times for a total of 31 Big Ten championships.

Baseball, football, hockey, those are the top three.

red sox, baseball bruins, hockey pats, football soccer.. ....are there even ten sports?

Listed below and to the right is the order of conferences with the number of college football national championships in parentheses.* Big 12 - (16)* SEC -- (15)* Big Ten -- (13)* ACC -- (9)* Pac-10 -- (4)* Big East -- (3)But, here's some caveats:The above list only includes college football championships from 1936 to present. Importantly, it only includes one champion each year (official NCAA selector). As you know, college football does not have a playoff system as most other college sports do. So, traditionally, champions were crowned by various coaches and sports writers polls. More often then not, various polls named more than one team as the champion.For the purposes of this page, our list of football national championships by conference only counted the College Football National Champion as named by the Associated Press (AP) (1936 - 1997); and from 1998 on - the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) Champ.So, for instance, the list above only includes 6 Alabama football national championships. Of course, as discussed at Best All-Time NCAA College Football Program, depending on which polls you count, Alabama could be credited with up to 12 college football national championships.One more caveat -- we included National Championships won by schools that are now part of a particular conference. So it based on current affiliation, not historical affiliation. This favors the Big Ten because we are counting (for them) 2 NC's by Penn State ('82 & '86) that of course Penn State won before they joined the Big Ten.For more comprehensive information check out this pdf: College Football National Champions (prepared by Tex Noel of 1st-N-Goal). It has a listing of every college football team that ever won a National Championship from 1936 on -- and includes official selectors as well as total selectors -- and much, much more.And, Tex created more statistical info about NCAA College Football National Championship teams since 1992, organized by conference at National Champsionship Teams By Conference.You can read more of Tex' stats at SEC Football Statistics and even contact him via a form on that page.So, picking the Best or Top All-Time NCAA College Football Championship Conference is really more of an art than a science. It is quite subjective. See SEC vs Big Ten Debate for more about the subjectivity of this debate.Also, the list above shows the Big 12 with most all-time football championships. This is largely due to the great teams Oklahoma and Nebraska had over the years. Of course, most of those championships came before the Big 12 was even formed. Nebraska and Oklahoma were both in the Big 8 Conference. The Big 12 has only been in existence for 12 years.The Southeastern (SEC), by contrast, began in 1932, so each of its 14 championships was earned by a team that was in the SEC at the time, and still is.Also, if you look at more recent college football history - the SEC leads the pack. Since 1990, the SEC has more NCAA football championships than any other conference with six.Since the BCS system began in 1998, the SEC leads with 4 BCS Championships. And, they've won it each of the past 2 years and 3 of the past 5 years. You can read more about most of those games at Biggest All-Time SEC Football Victory.The ACC and Big 12 both have 2 BCS Championships. The Pac-10 and Big Ten both have 1.OK, all of those caveats add up to one thing:THE SEC IS REALLY THE TOP ALL-TIME NCAA COLLEGE FOOTBALL NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP CONFERENCE. Source:

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