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Tighten in a criss-cross pattern to 150 inch pounds. Mark

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Q: What are the torque setting for the transmission pan bolts on a 1996 Dodge van?
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What is the Torque setting for transmission pan on 89 dodge Dakota?

12ft lbs for transmission pan bolts

What is the Torque setting on transmission pan bolts 2002 Ford Ranger?

What is the Torque setting on transmission pan bolts 2002 ford ranger?

2004 Dodge Neon Transmission oil pan bolts torque spec's?

150 in lbs

What torque setting would you use when tightening transmission bolts on a 94 Buick Regal?


Torque setting for cylinder head bolts for a Skoda felicia?

torque setting for cylinder head bolts for a skoda felicia

Torque setting on transmission pan bolts 1990 gmc 4wheel drive?

We usually set them at 15 ft lbs

What is the torque for an 1986 Dodge 318 rod bearing bolts?

the correct torque for these bolts is as follows: 96lbs

What is the torque settings on the main bearing bolts on a Kia K2700?

Torque setting

What is torque setting for water pump bolts?

torque setting for 91 cadillac water pump 4.9 engine?

Do you have to drop the transmission to get to the flywheel bolts?

Torque converter bolts No. Fly-wheel bolts YES.

How do you remove the engine from a 98 dodge ram 5.9L from torque converter The flywheel is in the transmission housing by about 2 inches and I cannot get at the bolts at flywheel torcque converter?

You have to pull the stater and grind a space in the adaptor for a socket to clear to the torque convertor bolts.

What is the torque setting for the head bolts on a 94 Pontiac Sunbird?

number 8 reverse torque

What is the torque setting for Geo Tracker head bolts?

The torque on my 1993 is 46 ft lbs.

What is the proper torque setting on head bolts for a 1963 Massey Ferguson model 65 diesel?

massey65 torque head bolts please

What are the head bolts torque setting for a Ford ka?

2006 ford ka 1.3 rocam engin cylinder head torque setting

What is the torque setting for crankshaft bolts 2h Toyota landcruiser?


What is the torque specs on a transmission bolts of a 98 Oldsmobile eighty eight LS?

There are many different bolts on a transmission. Need to know which ones.

What is Torque spec for Ford 3.8?

what is the torque on the bolts for the transmission pan on a 1991 ford thunderbird 3.8

What torque should the bolts be on the transmission pan for a 2002 Nissan Maxima 3.5?

There will a torque setting but just make sure they are tight. Not super tight or anything just snug them up and they give it a little more. They dont need to be on tight seeing as how thin the bolts are they will break.

When i torque trans pan bolts on a 2004 dodge Dakota?

13 FT. LBS or 17 N.m That is for the 42re transmission The 46RE is the same also. Good Luck.

Torque setting for 1800 turbo diesel endrua engine please?

Torque for which bolts?? need more information.

Head torque 2.2 Chevy?

what is the torque setting for the head bolts on a 2007 chevy malibu with a 2.2L engine

Torque specs 4.7 Dodge Durango head bolts?

Torque specs can be found in the Haynes Auto Manual.

How do you remove a Chevy 350 Transmission?

Remove the driveshaft from the back of your Chevy transmission. Remove the transmission mount retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts from the Bell housing. The transmission can then slide backwards. Don't forget to unbolt the torque converter from the flex-plate and remove the torque converter with the transmission.

What is a torque wrench used for?

For setting important bolts to exact tightness required.