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all small Chevy heads are 65 ft lbsin a circular motion from the center out

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Q: What are the torque settings for 1979 350 cylinder heads?
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What are the torque specifications for the cylinder heads 1979 Chevrolet 350?

60-70 ft. lbs.of torque , go over them twice to check yourself.

What is the torque specs on vortec heads on 1979 block?

65 foot pounds

What are the head torque specs for a Toyota 2TC 1600 engine?

The cylinder head bolt torque specs for a 1972-1979 Toyota 2TC 1600 engine is 64-68 ft lbs.

How do you torque when installing flywheel in a 1979 Chevy truck?

with a torque wrench

What is the head torque specification for a 1979 Honda Z50R motorcycle?

The engine cylinder head cover nut has a torque of between 7 to 9 foot-pounds. This measurement specification also applies for the '80, '81, and '82 Z50R builds.

How much horsepower does a 1979 Dodge Ramcharger with a 5.9L V8 have?


Can you change the heads off a 1989 350 and put them on a 1979 350?

no you cannot they are not interchangeable the 89 heads are fuel injected heads and the 79 are carb heads and will not interchange

What are the Head torque specs 1979 fxs harley?

65 ftlbs

1979 Gmc 350 exhaust bolt torque?

Exhaust manifold torque is 25 lb/ft with anti-seize lube.

Will cylinder heads with the cast number 471513 which are off of a 1979 267-350 work on a 1987 350?

Yes it will work the block bolt patteren never changes from 350 to 350. You might run into a problem with a intake manifold not going on though unless you have it too for the heads you want to use.

Do you have to remove engine to remove heads in a 1979 vw2lt bus?


What are the timing settings for a 1979 grand prix?

There are no timing settings to set in a 1979 Grand Prix. The 3.4 L and the 3.1L and the 3.8 L that Pontiac used in its lineups all had computer controlled timing.

What is the torque for 1979 front bearing bolt?

Make and model would help.

When was Heaven - Talking Heads song - created?

Heaven - Talking Heads song - was created on 1979-08-03.

What is the engine capacity of a Renault dodge 50?

4.cylinder diesel 1979 to 1987 perkins 4.236 & T38 = 3880cc 4.cylinder diesel 1987 to 1993 perkins phaser 90 & 110T = 3990cc 6 cylinder diesel 1979 to 1987 perkins 6.247 =4050cc 6 cylinder petrol 1979 to 1992 chrysler slant 6 = 3500cc

What was the cost of Ford Mustang 1979?

The 1979 Ford Mustang base price * $4,071 four-cylinder coupe * $4,344 six-cylinder coupe * $4,436 four-cylinder hatchback * $4,709 six-cylinder hatchback * $4,642 four-cyliner Ghia coupe * $4,915 six-cylinder Ghia coupe * $4,824 four-cylinder Ghia hatchback * $5,097 six-cylinder Ghia hatchback

How much does a 1979 mustang weigh?

The 1979 Mustang weight is * 2,431 pounds four-cylinder coupe * 2,511 pounds six-cylinder coupe * 2,451 pounds four-cylinder hatchback * 2,531 pounds six-cylinder hatchback * 2,539 pounds four-cylinder Ghia coupe * 2,619 pound six-cylinder Ghia coupe * 2,548 pounds four-cylinder Ghia hatchback * 2,628 pounds six-cylinder Ghia hatchback

What was the performance of Renault 5 1979?

4 cylinder 1289 cm3

What are the connecting rod bolt torque specs for a 1979 Chevy van 350 cu in engine?

I'm answering my own question for anyone who needs the info. My brother tells me that the Chevy 350 cu. in. engine is the same over several model years. This would make the torque specs the same for the 1979 350. 45 ft-lbs. for the connecting rod bolts and 65 for the cylinder head bolts. Convert to Nm (Newton-meters) on Google if necessary.

What is the torque for the exhaust manifold bolts for a 1979 ford marine 351 windsor?

I suck! I suck!

What is the head bolt torque on a 1979 evinrude 35hp outboard?

18 - 20 ft/lbs

Which is the number 1 cylinder on 1979 Suzuki Motorcycle Model GS750L?

The number 1 cylinder is on your clutch side of the bike.The coils fire the #1 & 4 at the same time.2 & 3 which are the inner cylinder fire after 1&4. Joe 1979 GS 1000 owners

What is the Cylinder pressure for 1979 350 engine?

a strong engine should read between 150 and 180 pounds of pressure in each cylinder.

What are the torque specs for whell nuts on a 1979 El Camino?

80# w/7/16th studs.

What is the rear end gear ratio of a 1979 mustang with a 5.0 8 cylinder?

The gear ratio for the 1979 Mustang V8 is 2.47:1