Head Gaskets and Valve Covers

What are the torque specification for the head bolts when replacing a head gasket on a 93 Taurus - Sable with 3.8 engine?

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2009-11-29 04:58:39

I have done six gasket jobs on the 3.8. I did not have to have

any of these heads resurfaced,the were just bad gaskets right from

the start.

Use your search engine,type in torque specs 3.8, then choose the

first one on the list . All ford mustangs 3.8 specs. these are the

specs i used on all eight cars and all worked fine. This is

basically the same motor but turned to drive rear wheels instead of

the front.

Torque sequence:


6 4 2 8

5 1 3 7


Step 1: Torque from 47-53 Nm (35 to 39 Ft/Lbs)

Step 2: Back off all bolts 360

Step 3: Torque from 27 -33NM (20 to 24 Ft/Lbs)

Step 4: Torque rotate 85-95

Step 5: Torque rotate additional 85-95

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specifications - Autozone's free, online Chiltons Manual

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