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Answerto start with, and not to be a jerk this is not the engine you should be working on if you come to this site for torque spec! with this engine it takes 5 different steps to torque this engine 1=?, 2=?, 3=? , 4=?, 5=? then your big problem is not here it will be with the timing belt due to the 3.0l 4 cam engine

someone had wrote this as an answer to this question and after working on a catera i will say it takes a skill level that most back yard mechanics only wish they had I do not recommend replacing head gaskets on this car even if you have done several head jobs in the past. i run a car lot and I am a skilled mechanic and I will just say I will never do another head job on a catera but if you have already pulled the motor apart before you have read this here is the torque specs for you and good luck i hope you know what you are doing

Cylinder head bolt:

  • step 1 - 18ft lbs
  • step 2 - additional 90 degrees
  • step 3 - additional 90 degrees
  • step 4 - additional 90 degrees
  • step 5 - additional 15 degrees
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Q: What are the torque specifications for the head bolts on a 1998 Cadillac Catera V6?
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