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The lower intake is 10 ft lbs the upper is 18ft lbs. If you go to and read there specifaction area its listed there. That's were I found it!

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Q: What are the torque specifications for the intake and rocker arms on a 1999 Chevy Malibu LS?
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What are the torque specifications for a 2002 Chevy Malibu 3.1 engine?

what is the torque specs to a 2002 Chevrolet Malibu 3.1 liter motor. Need head and intake torque specs. and sequence.

What are the torque specifications for 2002 Ford 4.0 SOHC intake manifold?

what are the torque specifications for 2002 ford 4.0 intake manifold

What are the torgue specs on rocker arms on a 2001 malibu 3100?

All of the torque specifications for vehicles can be found in Haynes Repair Manuals available at most auto parts stores.

Are torque lbs higher on rocker arms then head bolts for a Chevy Malibu?

No, head bolt torque is much higher than rocker arms.

What are the rocker arm torque specifications for a 455 cubic inch Oldsmobile engine?

According to most Oldmobile torque specs, the correct torque for rocker arm bolts is 25 ft-lbs.

Rocker arm specifications for a 1994 3400 sfi?

what are the torque specs on a 3.4 s.f.i

What the Rocker arm torque specifications on a 1990 4.3 liter s-10 4x4?

The rocker arm torque specifications, for your 1990 4.3 liter Chevrolet engine, is 15 pounds per square inch. The rocker arm should be torqued in five pound intervals.

What is the torque specifications for the intake manifold on a 1973 Chevrolet 350?

On a cast iron intake the torque is 30 lb/ft.

What is a aluminum intake torque specifications on a 1975 Chevy 350?

how to torque an aluminum intake for 350 25 ft./lbs.

What is the torque for the rocker arms on a 1998 Malibu And the torque on the intake bolts?

for the rocker arms bolts its-- 98 and later, step 1- 168 in-lbs. step 2-- rotate an additional 30-degrees. this is all for a 3.1 v6, the intake bolts are -- (lower) step 1, 62 in-lbs, step2, 115 in-lbs, intake manifold bolts/studs(upper)---18 ft-lbs,

Rocker arm torque specs for 1997 Pontiac Transport 3400?

The 1997 Pontiac Transport 3400 rocker arm torque specifications are 18 pounds. The rocker arm should be torqued in six pound intervals.

Torque specification for 98 Ford F-150?

what is the torque specifications for the intake bolts on a ford 4.2L?

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