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What are the torque specifications for the valve springs after replacing the oil seals?


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2007-02-23 13:08:19
2007-02-23 13:08:19

Valve springs are not torqued they have no bolts on them at all, they are held in place by keepers that fit into the notches on the end of the valves.

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Defective seals, and it needs replacing.

Yes you can, but be careful about the amount and frequency of using it as it can dry out rubber seals and shorten their lifespan requiring frequent replacing

You have to disassemble the valve and replace the springs and cup seals, and maybe the ball.

No, you don't have to replace your sink, you just have to replace the fixture's seals. That will stop the water from leaking.

Resleeved,New piston, rings, wrist pin, Valve springs and seals

Toyota's are very good about not leaking. Unless you have the transmission out there is no need to replace the torque converter seal. The rear main very rarely ever leaks.

Could be either transmission pan Gasket, Axle Seals or torque convert seal, that's the seal that goes between torque convert and transmission.

Check your fork oil, if it's low or leaking it's probably your seals. If the oil and seals check fine, then the fork shock springs are shot.

yes the two should be the same the front axle has not changed

When asked from a mechanic about replacing the valve seals on a 5.0 V8 mustang engine, i was quoted 300-400. I have yet to take him up on that offer. This is in the 20164 zip code area.

if oil is getting into spark plugs, this indicates that either the valve stem seals need replacing,or the oil rings on pistons are worn and need replacing. if valve stem seals are the problem ,the vehicle will really be blowing a lot of exhaust smoke to the extent sometimes that it will look like a smoke screen behind you

Most likely one of the seals on the tranny is worn through age and the fluid is leaking from there. That being said, if you have, or anyone has, dropped the pan on the transmission to change the filter or something, the mounting screws on the bottom of the pan may not have the right torque specifications on them. These are usually pretty sensitive to the proper amount of torque. If not properly torqued, fluid could leak from the pan because the gasket is not properly sealed. Hope this helps Is there a specific torque amount, and is there a sequence to tighten the bolts as in tightening the bolts when you change a tire? Thanks, Steve

The ball very seldom is the problem it is the springs and cap washers

Top end maintenance would be maintenance done to the head, or top of the engine. Typically this included grinding the valves, replacing valve seals, milling the head flat, and replacing the gaskets.

The Torque Converter is part of the transmission, not part of the engine. The torque converter needs to come off with the transmission. You need to remove the starter to access the torque converter bolts/nuts and separate it from the flex plate. Besides loosing all of the fluid in the torque converter, you stand to damage converter seals and/or the pump if the converter isn't properly installed in the transmission.

My definition of rebuilding a cylinder head would include regrinding or replacing the valves, seats, guides, springs, locks, retainers, and seals. It should also include resurfacing the head gasket mating surface. These tasks require special equipment that is usually available at a quality auto parts store.

The seals sit in the head of the motor. Each cylinder has 4 valves, 2 intake and 2 output valves, each valve has a semi rubber/metal seal that keeps oil from leaking into the combustion chamber. Replacing the seals requires removing the head from the motorblock.

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Yes. If you are going to remove the transmission to rebuild it, you may as well go ahead and replace the torque converter.. not to mention all the seals anywhere near that area.

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