What are the torque specs for the main caps and the rods caps on a 71-73 Pontiac 400?


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2006-02-05 19:41:29
2006-02-05 19:41:29

Torque specs for 71-73 Pontiac 400 main cap bolts 100 ft-lbs, rear mains 120 ft-lbs. Rod bolt specs 43 ft-lbs respectively.


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The main bolt torque is 100lftlbs and 120 on the rear main cap.

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The Torque specs for a 1992 Jeep Crank with bearing caps is 80 ft./bls. You will need to check your chiltons.

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Here is a site with that info, and for a lot of other vehicles:

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the main caps are 75 pounds of torque. but i dont know the rod breaing specs.

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What specs do you need? Torque for the gears or caps? Dimensions? TDC timing marks?

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