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Province of Cagayan

Callao Cave

  • Callao Cave - Located just outside Peñablanca town proper, this cave has seven chambers which are all explorable. The guide says that there are more than seven chambers but the others are not yet open to the public. The cave has great rock, limestone and mineral formations. It also has two skylights and a man-made chapel inside Chamber 2.
  • Pinacanauan River - The river can be seen from Callao Cave. It offers boat rides and rafting, kayaking and swimming.It don't have running water like other rivers
  • Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat - Found in the town of Piat, this basilica houses the famous and miraculous image of Our Lady of Piat, which was brought to the Philippines from Macau in 1604 by the Dominican friars. The image is also known as the Black Mary.
  • Calvary Hills - This is a favorite pilgrimage site during the Lenten Season since it has larger than life concrete statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross. It is located on top of an 11 hectare rolling hills in Iguig.
  • Buntun Bridge - This is the longest river bridge in the Philippines connecting Tuguegarao City proper and the town of Solano. The bridge crosses the famous Cagayan River.
Batanes Islands

House of Dakay

  • House of Dakay. This traditional Batanes house is one of the only five remaining structures that withstood the 1918 earthquake which leveled the town of Ivana to the ground. It was constructed by Luisa Estrella in 1887, and later on she gave the house to her nephew Jose Dakay Estrella. The house is made of limestone walls and cogon roof.
  • Lighthouses of Batanes. The lighthouses of Batanes are being setup in strategic locations in different parts of the province, providing fishermen a guide while exploring the nearby seas. Climbing these towers also provide the tourist a good view of almost the entire province.
  • Mount Iraya. Usually covered by clouds, this dormant stratovolcano can be climbed by mountaineers in about five hours and descended in three. It is a primary forest that is of great interest to ecologists and environmental scientists.
  • Sabtang Island. Though the province of Batanes makes one feel that he has left the rest of the world behind, Sabtang Island, north of Basco, further increases the feeling. The lifestyle is more laid back and traditional, and the scenery is more beautiful, with the island's limestone-house villages, rocky Coastlines and small beaches.
Isabela Province

Magat Dam

  • Magat Dam Tourism Complex. Once the biggest dam system in Asia, Magat Dam offers the tourist a variety of water-based activities, such as fishing, boating, and water skiing, among others. The plant is accessible through jeepney and bus stationed on Santiago City.
  • Sta. Victoria Caves. These caves feature naturally formed lattices and rock formations ideal for sightseeing. The nearby Pinzal Falls also offers the tourist recreational activities such as swimming and horseback riding. The park is 15 km from Ilagan town proper.
  • Northern Sierra Madre Natural Park. This natural park is the largest protected area in the Philippines, with more than 300,000 hectares of rainforest. With its rich biodiversity it is one of the top 10 biodiversity hotspots in the world, and is the habitat of endangered species such as the Philippine Eagle and the Cloud Rat.
  • St. Mathias Church. A declared National Historical Landmark, this unique ultra-Baroque church is famed for the extensive use of baked clay in its finishing and ornamentation, as well as its cylindrical bell tower. Traces of Chinese ancestry are also evident on its architecture.
  • San Pablo Church. The Church of San Pablo, built in 1624, is the oldest church in Isabela. Its six-layer belfry made from adobe bricks is also the tallest in Cagayan Valley.
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Q: What are the tourist spots in region 2?
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