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Q: What are the traditional food in Australian capital territory?
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Are scones a traditional Australian food?


How is Australian food different from American food?

It inst very different and Both country have a vast traditional background from which their foods and eating styles have developed.

What are theMain ingredients in Australian cooking?

Australian food is very multi-cultural with influences from China Japan Turkey Lebanon and Greece, there is not much actual Australian cuisine as it is a young country,although the Aboriginals have their own traditional food known as bush tucker this is an array of old styles of cooking from indiginous Australian animal and plants. You can eat kangaroo and alligator

What is the traditional Chinese food?

The traditional food of china is momo.

What is the traditional food of Romania?

The traditional food of Romanians is mămăligă.

What is traditional food of Maharashtra?

Nothing is Maharashtra's Traditional food.

What is a traditional food of Egypt?

The traditional food of Egypt is molokhia and koshary

What is the traditional food in Europe?

YES there is traditional food called cacooni

What is a traditional food in Scotland?

mince pies and haggis are traditional food

Baklava is a traditional food of which country?

Baklava is a traditional food of Turkey.

What are facts about Australian food?

1.australian animals can become food 2.there are australian meat pies 3. people like to eat there food in restrauants

Australian's main food they eat?

the main Australian food is kangaroo but alot of Australia's food is from other countries.