What are the traditional foods in Nicaragua?

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One of the traditional meals in Nicaragua is gallo pinto which is fried rice with onion and sweet pepper, mixed with red beans boiled with garlic. Gallo Pinto is considered a national symbol of Nicaragua and most of the people eat this almost everyday. Nacatamal is another common food. People use ground corn and butter. Then you add small pieces of pork or chicken, rice, potatoes, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper and wrap it inside a plantain leaf to cook.
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What are some traditionals foods of Chile?

Answer . When I lived in Chile, I ate empanadas pretty regularly. I like them with cheese inside, but they come with a lot of different things inside. I still make them here in the States sometimes.. They also serve a lot of sea food; with such a long coast, I think that makes sense.. There are ( Full Answer )

What are popular foods of Nicaragua?

Carne Asada, a version of Paella and other foods that are cornmeal based. How about the staple food of the rich and poor. Rice and red beans mix together (gallo pinto) Chancho con yuca, ( Pieces of pork fried with boiled yuca and toppled with tomato, onions,cabbage,and chili marinade in vinegar,and ( Full Answer )

What is Nicaragua?

Nicaragua is a country in central America on the continent of South America. . It's a country

What traditional foods that Canadians eat?

Mainly depends where you go in Canada. Since Canada is a multicultural country , there isn't really A traditional dish. Yet, due to it's location, there are a lot of maples in the country thus making maple syrup very popular. I only know that in the Eastern part of Canada (Quebec), around march/Ap ( Full Answer )

What are traditional Japanese foods?

Sushi. natto sushi cherry blossom teas mi-so soup steamed rice and seamed rice yes i am japenese so this is what i know

What are some traditional Jewish foods?

latkes, cholent , challah, kugelach, hummus, schug, falafel, halva, shakshuka, jachnun, channa, dal, shishlik, caponata, creamed Baccala, fried artichoke hearts There are many traditional Jewish foods and they are different for different Jews (Ashkenazi, Sephardi, an ( Full Answer )

Traditional romanian food?

Soup with noodles....(most of them are with meat or veggies.) . Sarmale....*it's cabbage liefs with mince-meat* . Look for more on google.... look for mancare traditionala romaneasca if you don't find in English. =) . Hope I helped. =) . ----Anita.

What is Suriname's traditional food?

chicken. chicken and other meat+food we wont like or find pleasherable I read somewhere that "the only native dish in Suriname would be chicken with rice". I don't remember where, sorry. But since Suriname has such a mixed culture, there are many dishes from other countries.

Traditional foods in Spain?

Some traditional foods of Spain are paella, Spanish potato omeletsor tortilla Espanola, gazpacho, and tapas. Dessert foods caninclude flan, turron (nougat), and polvoron (a kind of shortbread).

Traditional food of Paris?

There are many different traditional food items that are made inParis, France. These foods include crepes and other foods.

What is china's traditional food?

Rice and Noodles are China's staple foods but the traditional dishes of china are chicken chow mein and sweet and sour dishes.. Of course there are many more.

What are the traditional foods in france?

French foods have many wonderful colors and textures. Some of thetraditional foods in France are Cassoulet, crepes, and soups likeVichyssoise.

Some traditional food from Belgium?

Belgium is famous for its mussels and frites (French fried potatoes), waffles, and endive. Fine chocolates are a passion and the marketplace is dotted over every city.the Belgium national dish is Carbonnades Flamandes, a Flemish beef stew.

Why is pasta an Italian traditional food?

Probably because Italians "adopted" it and began to develop new ways of preparing and dressing it. It became the basis of Italian diet and there is no typical meal in Italy that doesn't include pasta as a dish. Ana Maria da Costa http://www.all-about-italian-food.com

What is Nicaragua national food?

Nicaragua's national food is beans and rice. A mixture of rice andbeans are eaten almost every day, It is eaten for breakfast also.

What is there to do in Nicaragua?

There are a lot of tourist attractions in Nicaragua. But the best one is MonteliMar. It is a very nice resort. There is a beach towards the back and has about 5 interconnected pools with a snack and drink bar in the center!

Choose the fast food or traditional food?

Well.... I want to recommend tradition because it is healthy for you. I would say that it's possibly healthi er for you dependent upon what your traditional foods are. If your traditional foods are nutritionally balanced meals and mainly vegetables and fruit, then your traditional foods are ( Full Answer )

What food is in Nicaragua?

Gallo pinto is a popular rice dish. Tortillas is a popular food. They fill them up with beans and meat. The make tamales. Bananas are an important crop.They make porridge, shakes,and cakes.

What traditional dances are done in nicaragua?

El Viejo La Vieja is a traditional dance with two partners, an old man and an old lady. Macho Raton' is a satirical drama. Palo de Mayo is a cultural dance with sensual movements. It is part of the month long May Day Festival. Toro Huaco is a Native American dance with only one musician,

What are some famous foods in Nicaragua?

Sopa de Mondongo, Carne en Baho, Indio Viejo, Nacatamales, Vigoron, Caballo Bayo, Sopa de Queso, Sopa de Cola de Res, Quesillos, etc.

What are some traditional Thai foods?

Some traditional thai foods are geng pete gai(red curry chicken) geng keiwan gai(green cury chicken, khaw soi(thai dry noodle curry) lab moo(grilled pork with thai spices) tom kha gai (Thai coconut soup) and paht krapow gai(thai syle chicken with herbs and spices) the one that is highlighted is my ( Full Answer )

What are traditional Norwegian foods?

Gravadlax is a traditional Norwegian food. It is thinly sliced salmon which is cured in Aquavit which is a potato liquer.

What is traditional foods?

Traditional foods are foods that are unique to a certain culture, such as sushi for Japan, and spicy crayfish dishes for Louisiana.

What is the traditional food in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria's traditional foods have been influenced by Bulgarians' way of life, as well as by the surrounding region, including Turkey. Traditional Bulgarian menus will commonly offer recipes that contain Bulgarian feta cheese, or sirene , meat, vegetables, and yogurt..

What is Benin's traditional food?

Benin is a poor country so meals are often rice , beans,tomatoes, yams and couscous . They eat mandarin oranges,oranges, bananas, kiwi , avocados, pineapples and peanuts.

What is a traditional Chilean food?

Porotos granados is the Chilean National Dish. It is a hearty vegetable and bean stew. Please follow the link below for an example of a recipe. If this recipe differs from your grandmother's, please do not send your protests to the question's author, who makes no claim as to either authenti ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional food of balochistan?

Baluchistan's traditional food is sajji,dampukht and half cup of TEA ,,Lamb leg and Green Tea can also be counted in Baluchistan's traditional food.

What are the traditional foods and language of Japan?

The traditional language of Japan is of course Japanese. Japan's traditional food Mostly consists of Sushi, Sushi is one ofthe most well-known Japanese food. In Japanese cuisine, sushiindicates dishes that use sushi rice, which is seasoned with asweet vinegar mixture. Various forms of sushi can be f ( Full Answer )

What are some traditional foods from Honduras?

traditional foods from Hounduras are: Tortillas, Fried Beans, Bananas or Papayas, Eggs, and some type of vegitable. fruits, vegitables, and meat are usually buchered and home grown for each family.

Are there traditional foods in Israel?

Popular traditional foods are based on Jewish traditional foods, with variations according to the communities' country of origin in the diaspora.

What are Estonia's traditional food?

Potatoes, sauerkraut, pork, blood sausage, salted herring, jellied meat, black rye bread, all vegetables that grow here (beet, turnip, carrot, so on..), dried fish (not many eat it nowadays), white cheese we call Sõir Estonians eat daily mostly potatoes and different meat products. During last 2 ( Full Answer )

Why are turkeys used as the traditional food?

Even though you don't see them too often these days, wild turkeys used to be very common in the area that is now the United States. Turkeys are native to North America, unlike many of the other species we eat which were originally brought over from Europe.

What are traditional holiday foods in Canada?

It really depends on the holiday, and on which group of people are observing it. Canada is a big and very diverse country. For example, the majority of people are Christian, so they would observe Christmas. But customs, including the preferred kinds of food, have changed as people's tastes have chan ( Full Answer )

What is the traditional national food of France?

"la poule au pot" (a chicken cooked in a vegetable stew) was in the old days supposed to be the preferred family meal. This is of course an oversimplification. Poultry and pork, ahead of beef which was more expensive, were the meats most consumed in the past. France is a wide country and there were ( Full Answer )

Why is paella a traditional food in Spain?

Paella is not a traditional Spanish food. It is a traditional food in the area of Valencia. There are many, many kinds of Paella. Almost all of them contain rice in some quantity.. Three are widely known. They are Paella Valenciana which has rice, meat, vegtables, and land snails but no fish or ( Full Answer )

What are some breakfast foods from Nicaragua?

Gallo Pinto (local fried rice & beans) with scrambled eggs mixed with chorizo (local sausage from pork) with a side of fried bananas and cuajada (curd cheese). Drinks: milk with coffee or fresh orange juice, Rojita (local cherry soda) is also acceptable.

What are Christmas traditions in Nicaragua?

La Griteria- Like Halloween in the Americas . Procession of Mary and Joseph- Nine days where they try to find lodging. On ninth night, they are allowed lodging and it is celebrated with a feast . Main streets play carols . Christmas Eve mass