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What are the two definitions of medieval feudalism?

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No it is not. Feudalism was a medieval system.

Feudalism was an old tradition in medieval times.

Feudalism is not a religion. It was the economic system of Medieval Europe.

Feudalism is simply the exchange of land (fief), between the nobles (lords) and the knights (vassals) for military protection.

it was based on feudalism... there is a feudalism pyramid if you go on google images and type in feudalism pyramid

Feudalism was legal and military customs in medieval Europe. To write an essay on feudalism, explain how it effected both the legal and military systems.

Feudalism was the grouping of legal and military customs in medieval Europe. The main elements of feudalism were strict social classes and landholding abilities.

Feudalism affected jobs such as Farmers especially because they got plenty of money.

They organizeed it with mainly feudalism: Peasents lords vassals and kings. look up "feudalism"

Feudalism was a system of government during the Middle Ages. And the Crusades is a medieval military expedition.

The political structure of medieval Europe is Feudalism.

Feudalism existed in Medieval European society. The King appointed a Lord to oversee a property. The Lord relied on commoners, or serfs, to work the land while he provided for them.

The medieval soap maker was considered a serf or a peasant.

A medieval times serf wore ragged and old clothing because they were the lowest form of feudalism.

Feudalism in japan was similar to European feudalism as they both involved the same heirachy and therefore was quite simialr apart from the class definitions.

English feudalism began in 1066 at the Battle of Hastings while much of Europe with the fall of Rome in 410 AD.

Feudalism. Short and simple. Feudalism the main government type in Medieval Europe.

Feudalism was of vital importance in dailey life in Medieval Europe.

serf, nobles, kings, knights!! i think! :)

it started from the roman empire ending and by William the Conqueror