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sory i know you are from MDU. :p


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What are the systems approaches in resource management?

What are the systems approaches in resource management

Describe different types of approaches to child development curriculum?

There are a few different types of approaches to child development curriculum. They include the behavioral approach, managerial approach, humanistic approach, and systems approach.

Explain the role of other systems in the regulation of respiration?


What is systems approach Explain the elements of a system?

What are the elements of system approaches

Homeostatic regulation of the body is made possible through the coordination of what body systems?

nervous and endocrine systems

What are the two body systems involved in regulation?

I think the answer you're looking for here are the endocrine and nervous systems.

Which human body systems interact to perform regulation within the human body?

endocrine and integumentary systems

What is the definition of contemporary approach?

besides the classicsl,behavioral and quantitative approaches to management, there are certain modren approaches to management.two of these approaches are the systems theory and the contingency.theory,which have significantly shaped modren management thought.

How many court systems does Texas have?

It is a convoluted systems with two different approaches both Civil and Criminal. Perhaps that is why corporations like ENRON loved the system. It might be the best state for an attorney to practice in if they are worth their salt.

What is Army Regulation 380-19?

Information and Systems Security

What is a biophysicist?

A biophysicist is a person who works in biophysics - the approaches of physics to study biological systems.

How are the reproductive and endocrine systems related?

They are both involved in the production and regulation of hormones.

What system Control and regulation of other systems are primary functions of?

The nervous system.

What are the two different approaches In regulation regarding mobile phone systems In Europe and the US?

The classical European approach was based on standardisation and regulation before any products were available. The EU governments founded ETSI to harmonize all national regulations. ETSI created the standards, all countries had to follow. In the US companies develop systems and try to standardize them or the market forces decide upon success. The FCC, e.g., only regulates the fairness among different systems but does not stipulate a certain system. The effects of the two different approaches are different. Many "governmental" standards in Europe failed completely, e.g., HIPERLAN 1, some succeeded only in Europe, e.g., ISDN, and however, some soon became a worldwide success story, e.g., GSM. For most systems the US approach worked better, first some initial products, then standards. One good example is the wireless LAN family 802.11, a good counter example is the mobile phone market: several different, incompatible systems try to succeed, many features, well established in Europe since many years, are not even known in the US (free roaming, MMS, GPRS roaming, no charges for being called etc.).

Which two body systems are mainly responsible for regulation of body processes?

Nervous & hormonal.

Homeostatic regulation of the body is made possible through coordination of all body systems This coordination is achieved mainly by?

nervous & endocrine systems

What are the theories and practices in public administration?

There are two different types of public administration: academic and career field. There are five approaches to public administration. These are behavioral, systems, ecological, public choice, and contingency.

What are the 3 contemporary approaches to information systems?

Technical Approach Behavioral ApproachSocio- technical Approach

Will a transmission from a 2006 dodge fit on a 1997 dodge?

No, control systems are different.No, control systems are different.

Which Army regulation specifies who can conduct Information Systems Security Monitoring?

Ar 380-53

Definition of systemic regulation?

Systemic regulation refers to how the body systems regulate themselves. It is the network of pathways by which the body interacts in order to allow an organism to live and maintain homeostasis.

What do economics systems of other countries have in common with the economic system of the United States?

Most countries have similar economic systems, which are a mixture of a free market and government regulation.

What are different crime reporting measuring systems?

different crime reporting measuring systems

Why do operating systems come in versions?

Different operating systems support different hardware. Different versions have different features and services.

Do different types of computers have different viruses?

Different Operating Systems get infected by different viruses. You can run different operating systems on the same hardware.