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Harms the ozone layer

And coal may soon run out

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To produce electricity

No. Construction equipment used to build the station will burn fossil fuels and produce some pollution. When the station is complete it will produce pollution free electricity. The station will require some electric power from the grid to operate, and some of that electricity may be produced by coal powered plants which do produce pollution, but the geothermal power station will not produce pollution.

As in a coal power station? Water is heated by the fire, makes steam, turns turbines- electricity.

Biomass is any vegetation that will burn to produce electricity in a power station.

The latest design PWR's produce about 1500 MWe per unit.

He used the current of the Niagara falls to produce electricity. That was the first hydra station.

you can burn coal oil or naterul gas can burn......

Coal is used for burning to make heat. At home in a fire, at a power station to generate electricity.

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

Depends on what kind of power station it is, can bea nuclear power plant, a coal-burning power plant, a wind turbine, or a hydroelectric power station.

A coal fired station burns coal to produce heat. The heat boils water to produce high pressure and temperature steam. The steam expands in a turbine to rotate the shaft. The turbines rotation drives a generator. The generator produces electricity which is sent out to the consumers.

The coal in a power station is used to heat water. The steam from the water is used to turn turbines that produce electricity.

Fuel burning stations especially gas can get started to producing electricity very quickly plus for a wind farm you must have the wind blowing

Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) is used to boil water. The steam is used to spin electricity turbines and this generates electricity.

Oil is not too expensive, especially when you can increase the price of electricity to cover it. Oil is easily transported, and it is also simple to convert a coal burning power station into an oil burning power station.

Yes. Biomass is usually vegetation or trash. It is burnt in an ordinary power station to generate electricity, but without contributing to global warming.

They do not produce pollution or harmful emissions, but building a tidal power station can damage the ecosystem of tidal areas

Ipomoea, like other plants, has to be harvested and dried. It can then be burnt in an ordinary power station to boil water. The steam turns a generator to produce electricity.

A charging station works by providing electricity to the car it is charging. There is no way for a charging station to not use electricity because the form of power it transmits is electricity.

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