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  • 1- it pollutes the air
  • 2- it may run out soon (coal.)
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you can burn coal oil or naterul gas can burn......

Coal is used for burning to make heat. At home in a fire, at a power station to generate electricity.

An electricity generation station that is powered by burning the fossil fuel called "coal".

Depends on what kind of power station it is, can bea nuclear power plant, a coal-burning power plant, a wind turbine, or a hydroelectric power station.

Fuel burning stations especially gas can get started to producing electricity very quickly plus for a wind farm you must have the wind blowing

Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) is used to boil water. The steam is used to spin electricity turbines and this generates electricity.

Oil is not too expensive, especially when you can increase the price of electricity to cover it. Oil is easily transported, and it is also simple to convert a coal burning power station into an oil burning power station.

A charging station works by providing electricity to the car it is charging. There is no way for a charging station to not use electricity because the form of power it transmits is electricity.

Ireland's largest power station is the Aghada gas-fired station. It is near Midleton in the east of the county of Cork. It is an electricity generating station, owned by the ESB (Electricity Supply Board), Ireland's main electricity provider.

To produce electricity

some disadvantages are collaborative working and money.

A power station generates electricity by using electromagnet induction

it is made in the power station

the petrol station will be poor

it depends on how big the power station is

In almost any power station, the electricity is generated in a generator. The generator room may or may not be in the same building as the reactor.

Hydro electricity (Water power) Diesel generator Coal fired power station Nuclear power station Gas fired power station Wind turbine generators.

1. Finding new suitable sites can be difficult. 2. In times of drought water supplies can be reduced drastically thereby reducing the amount of electricity that can be generated.

cabeling from generating station to sub station transformer and from there to residential home

Currently, eight nuclear station are producing eight billion kilowatt of electricity

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